World’s Longest Deadly Chess Trap (Fajarowicz Gambit)

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  1. Thanks GJ ! I hope I can beat Titled players by using this OTB soon!

  2. Actually isn't it faster to play Nxf2 followed by Bg3 to either win the rook or queen ?

  3. r u jewish or in a secret jewish society?

  4. at 6:06, white has bishop g4 check, forcing queen to take, then white queen comes back to c2 and it isn't definite mate at that point, though black has big (probably winning) advantage

  5. Nice sequence. However instead of 12.a3 allowing 12…g4, White can play safer: 12.c5 with the following sequence: 12…Bxc5 13.Nxg5,Bxg2 14.Kxg2,Qxg5+ 15.Qg4+, Qxg4+ 16.Bxg4+, Kg8 with a slight advantage for Black.

  6. Your opening tricks and traps are very instructive for developing and intermediate players. However I have a criticism for you. You present videos and analysis as if it is your own with no credit given to the source of information. For example, Jonathan Schrantz covered the same game in his video along with a lot more games and analysis in many other lines arising from Fajarowitz gambit. Also please acknowledge the original player who played it first rather than presenting it as if it is your own game. This particular game was played by two top GM’s.

  7. Can you post a video on to play middlegame?
    2.become a mater in middlegame?
    3. what to do in middlegame? to make the best move in middlegame?

    In the game we don't know what is the best move. I am unable to find the best move even while analyzing my game. Then I use engine to know the best move.

    Can you advice me to how to read THE MIDDLEGAME BY DR.M.EUWE & H.KRAMER.

    What is best middlegame book for my level.


  8. boss instead of ruk to g2 before mate line queen to g2 is fast mate ji

  9. I love this trap GJ ! I was watching your videos a lot before. Now I discovered it again and now you have a new look, noce one and more power!

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