Win With 1.e4, Aggressive Chess Opening | Vienna Gambit

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov teaches you the Vienna Gambit chess opening for White. It happens in the Vienna Game that begins with the moves 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3, and the Vienna Gambit happens when White plays 3.f4, which looks like a delayed King’s Gambit.

This is a gambit in which white sacrifices a pawn to gain bold control over the center of the board. This aggressive chess opening gives the benefit of an early attack and a strong control over the center for White.

You will learn how to play against Black’s common responses including 2…Nf6, which is known as the Falkbeer Variation, 2…Nc6 called the Max Lange Defense. You will also learn how to punish Black’s mistakes which are the most-played, natural-looking moves.

GM Igor Smirnov also shares with you a game where the world champion Magnus Carlsen played the Vienna Gambit and won with a strategically winning position.

► Chapters

00:00 Vienna Gambit Chess Opening for White
01:21 If Black plays 2…Nf6, Falkbeer Variation
03:10 Tactical trick you should know
04:25 If Black plays 3…Nc6
06:06 If Black plays 3…d6
07:46 Black’s correct response 3…d5
11:24 Playing Vienna Gambit like Magnus Carlsen
14:37 White’s strategically winning position
16:09 If Black plays g5 to protect exf4

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  1. Got to put the wacky pawn on the poody file!

  2. Thank you, I know now, why people keep beating me all the time without an apparent reason. 🙂

  3. ur vids are really instructive and good thanks a lot!

  4. When I've played this exact position before against the computer his queen side not comes down and creates the fork to take my bishop and put me in check shortly from there they attack the center and lock down all my pieces and is very willing to sacrifice valuable pieces to win

  5. Your teaching is incredible Igor sir. You go in-depth and also show many potential developments. Thanks a lot! I will try to apply this gambit in my next game.

  6. Just wanted to swing by and say your chess vids have become my favourite ones as of late. Keep up the great work and thanks for the brilliant content 🙂

  7. I love the parts where you say "Its time for them to resign"

  8. Dangerous but effective only if one gets those variations correctly. One false move and all is lost. 😆

  9. I’m my opinion if you win with cheap tricks you are a poor player. What’s the point in playing if you’re just gonna use traps?

  10. How to attach stone attack you're playing as white against black

  11. After 1.e4 e5 2.Nc3 Nf6 3.f4 exf4?! 4.e5 he doesn't cover Black first playing 4…Qe7 but not to worry, I've literally won about 50 blitz games after 5.Qe2 Ng8 6.Nf3 d6?? 7.Nd5 and Black can resign. On the other hand after 3…d5 4.fxe5 Nxe4 the move 5.Qf3?! is substandard. It doesn't lose, but it's no better than 5.Nf3, the difference being Black has one clear plan after 5.Qf3?!, first: 5…f5! 6.d3 Nxc3 7.dxc3 d4! Instead, after 5.Nf3 Black has so many choices in an already unfamiliar position that a White player who has prepared properly should know the resulting positions better.

  12. Really appreciating these videos. Thank you Igor!

  13. Thanks a lot Igor! I like to play the Roausso Gambit as black so as You also said Vienna Gambit will suits me perfect! 😊👍♟

  14. So the black need to not play the chess

  15. I like this gambit, but often they'll play Qe7 and pin the pawn.

  16. I want to see more variations for the Qf3 version of the vienna gambit…

  17. You taught me my first opening…

    Thank You…

  18. I think the vienna gambit is a fine opening for beginners, but gambit in the second part I don't think it is good advice. I think it is too dangerous and creates bad habits about leaving the king exposed. Progressing in chess is all about creating healthy habits and that one is not a good habit to practice. When building a repertoire you should balance between achieving advantageous position with positions that incentivize good behavior, because those are the ones that breed good instincts.
    I would recommend the paulsen variation (fianquetto de bishop on the king side) after 2…Nc6, which is much more solid, sound and effective than 3. f4
    That's my 2 cents, but hey, I don't have much experience. Don't listen to me.

  19. someone has still your video name Blood-Pack

  20. how to play if they accept the gambit and instead of returning with the horse they move queen to e7?

  21. I love those teaching videos! Your explanations and understandings of chess are top-notch! I have a question regarding 13:05, when the queen gives a check on h4 why doesn't white play Kf3, pushing the queen away and stopping the pawn, instead of moving the king and losing his right to castle?

  22. Sorry but It doesnt give a dominant and wining position at all … they just have to put their beshop at g4 and the game is over….

  23. What if they develop Nc6 1st instead of Nf6???

  24. Seems great, but more often than not, black brings out the black squared bishop and launches a huge crushing attack

  25. "Rebecca Harris" is Daniel Naroditsky 100%. Great video, thanks 🙏

  26. Why not black queen gives a check and wait for white to castle?

  27. Be careful to play it only against opponents that you don't expect to prepare for the game. A few weeks back I played as black against an opponent I expected to play the Vienna Gambit. I was prepared, he played exactly as suggested in this video, and after only 10 moves I was a pawn up and had a good position (3.d5 4.fe Nxe5 5. Qf3 Nc6 6. Nxe4 Nd4 7. Qc3 de 8. Ne2 Nc6 9. Ng3 Qd5 10. Bc4 Qxe5).

  28. Why is it that everytime i play the vienna they know the best movesin the opening, are 1200s really that good?

  29. What if they defend the pawn using the dark bishop?

  30. But black could castle queen's side when the white queen is threatening checkmate with white bishop

  31. 16:39 what if we take their pawn they they take back with the queen?

  32. Alcohol is a depressant. But drinking beer always makes me smile, so I dunno

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