Win In 9 Move With Black In The Queen`s Gambit

Win In 9 Move With Black In The Queen`s Gambit

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  1. Only those who learned what the queen's gambit is from the show play Bg9.

  2. Please stop using “they” a a singular pronoun. Just use “he”

  3. Instruction unclear I end up with my queen checkmated by pawn

  4. Both queens are gone , white is 1 pawn up and has 2 bishops, im new 2 chess how is he +1 instead of -1

  5. You could use this, or use the Ablin counter gambit to keep your queen alive

  6. My friend tried this on me but I just take the knight with my bishop and play e4. I don't like exchanging in queen's gambit its kinda gay

  7. instructions unclear, played as white 💀

  8. "I'm sure you will win the game"

    Bro is trusting my skills too much

  9. Hang on i have see this video on you channel on short video its name win in 9 moves as black with quesn gambit

    Just take 1 pawn that not protecting

  11. It is not a terrible position for White, despite being down a minor piece. White can kick the d5 N, around once or twice, and development with connected rooks is 4 moves away? It will be a struggle for White but not the "win in 9 moves" for Black as advertised.

  12. Did the king and queen just swicth places?

  13. Queens gambit declined: queen gambit variation

  14. Dis you know you can talk without a French Accent 🗿

  15. Went from Queens Gambit to delayed bong cloud real quick

  16. The way you said "im sure" was doubtful.

    Sure I suppose you cant blunder a queen if you dont have a queen

  17. bro you can keep you queen and take him queen bro don't sack you queen

  18. What if we moved our pawn to h6 instead of capturing the white night by ours and sacrificing the queen simultaneously ?

  19. Bro unless your under 800 elo no one will fall for this trap

  20. Bro, that's just, like, trading pieces, right? Like, seriously?

  21. nah i cant win to a 2700 if im only 1 material up

  22. i dont even wonder why i still have 400+ rating 🗿

  23. This video also teaches us what we shouldn't do in the queen's gambit

  24. Now someone is going to make a video on his to beat THIS strategy.

  25. as a queens gambit player just why

  26. I’m still going to manage to throw the game after doing this


  28. Wtf? Bro you literally traded queens

    You made it sound like discovered sliced bread

  29. So as a queens gambit player, I don’t play Bg5 🙂

  30. Black Is ahead 2 points of material not 1

  31. It’s just over once Kd2 occurs.

    It just is.

  32. thanks its actually been quite tricky for me after the bishop moved but with this il know what to do

  33. Is it just me or did you just lie because I counted 11 in black and 11 in white

  34. thanks chessscape I also got this position because of you I won thanks.

  35. you are up +2 if it works. But if you are facing an experienced opponent in a tournament and he knows what you are trying he simply wont take with the knight but play the correct move e3. But it is still pretty equal afterwards so it is worth a try

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