WIN AT CHESS In 8 Moves!

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  1. 😂😂 the opponent just move the soldier to defend the king

  2. At place of bishops opponent place knight then u see his face😅🙄🙄🙄

  3. I actually won a game like this against my brother who is rated 1600 while I’m 1150.

  4. There’s a way you can win in 4 moves like schlatt did

  5. Instructions unclear – now I'm a grandmaster

  6. But my opponent never makes this kind of moves😂😂

  7. Is nobody gonna ask on how this Loop is almost perfect?

  8. Knight to c3 taking bishop
    Me: queen take rook, CHECK HA!
    Knight from c3 to d1
    Me: fook. I really thought-

  9. Still a good play because you a rook and depending on the situation, a pawn and escape too

  10. Everybody gangsta until the opponent put his knight to c3 to eat the bishop

  11. What if the knight take a bishop on C3 ?

  12. i remember just randomly scrolling through yt shorts and stumbled upon levy

  13. knight c3 and u got twist in the plot

  14. Why is bro actually hot with a beanie, you should wear it more often

  15. Whenever I try this everyone just blocks the check with the pawn

  16. Why wouldn’t bishop take queen? Wouldn’t sacrificing any (other than the queen) piece to the queen be the smart thing to do?

  17. They won't defend with the Bishop, they'll bring out the pawn

  18. u can use your knight when the queen takes the pawn and hence your rook is defended by the queen

  19. what if they capture our bishop with the knight

  20. Why couldn't the bishop take the queen?

  21. When I'm black, I just defend the pawn with a pawn, or doesn't accept.

  22. 4 move checkmate (White Only) If Your Opponent Is Not Smart
    E4 Pawn
    Black E5 Pawn
    H5 Queen
    Black G3 Knight
    C4 Bishop
    Black A3
    And Kill Pawn Checkmate and the king cant kill the bishop is protecting the queen and its called scholar's mate starter only

  23. Why can't the bishop attack the queen in the first case?

  24. I don’t play 4 years befor that i play super good for me but i start again 🎉🎉🎉

  25. Chess inst that hard tbh…. Yes i play it

  26. Who notice engLUND game bit😂😂
    Btw how u know indian badwords😂

  27. Magnus:”Accept my draw or this won’t be my first time a kill a black person”

  28. 🧔🏿‍♀️:"Well, I love something hard"

  29. I got checkmate in 3 moves thats my record

  30. After queen takes b2 white plays night to c3 not bishop to c3

  31. Black queen should be on black square

  32. Yaahhhh i am proffesional chess player

  33. Opponent: moving other piece
    Me: Oh shi-

  34. In which youtube category chess game comes? Education or gaming

  35. Can anyone tell me which is the name of this chess game😊

  36. I'm first place in champions League rn and soon to be a legends league player

  37. Осталось сделать так, чтобы противник заметил, что нападаю на слона

  38. I just tried this England gambit, but he moved the knight and not the bishop… (Anyways… I won)

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