WIN AT CHESS In 8 Moves!

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  1. Levy with a beanie actually looks like a crackhead

  2. What if he plays the knight to cover the king instead of bringing bishop back? Just take the bishop?

  3. Why are you keep explaining this?

    It's like 42069 times already!

  4. Plz Don't kill me just Asking, Can't That king Kill queen He has 2 moves Right?

  5. I actually beat a 1500 with this trap lol

  6. My dad defeating me at beginning with 3 move😂

  7. Optional title: how to lose a game of chess in 8 moves 😂

  8. Bro is great 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  9. Why do you even expect the opponent to play the bishop😂

  10. “You’re boutta lose , haha!”
    places a different move

  11. I played this strategy and instead of white bishop to f4 they did pawn to a3 I still ended up winning but the game went forever

  12. Oky… Now find a opponent that do this move

  13. What the hack are you it's check only😊

  14. white bishop: help me I am gonna die
    white king: die anyway you are useless
    white king: wait it is a checkmate don't die
    white bishop: dies

  15. I’m pretty sure that Levy inspires everyone to play chess

  16. Him:"do you play chess"
    Me:"what do you think, why do I follow you??"

  17. Why after queen takes pawn not moving knight?

  18. why cant the queen be taken im new to chess

  19. Was wondering why this video isn't ending… 🤔

  20. Did any Indian hindi guy noticed the spelling and Pronounciation of 'England'😂😂😂

  21. Great content, @GothamChess! 👌 keep it up 👏 !

  22. Don't ever expect someone to do what you expected 😅

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