WIN AT CHESS In 8 Moves!

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  1. POV: Their smart.

    Moves pawn forward to defend

  2. This video proves that Levy with a hat is a completely different person.

  3. Worst opening u will loose ur own rook

  4. My opponent would just sacrifice bishop by taking my queen

  5. Which chess game app this is ???
    What is its name ???
    Please tell i want this chess game

  6. Pawn e5
    Knight b6
    Queen d7

    Queen to b4

    Queen to b2
    Bishop f4 b3
    Queen b1

  7. It is not use full

  8. But the bishop can take the queen right?

  9. And what if the enemy places c3 when your queen is at 2b

  10. Don’t expect your opponent to do so

  11. who said that queen takes bishop?

  12. Hey did you know you can do 3 moves checkmate

  13. Hey Levy what if bishop tajes bishop?

  14. You can do a checkmate in 4 moves but its not guaranted to work

  15. Does anyone feel like the more they play the worse they get? That's how I'm feeling lately.

  16. My problem is I always end up being white in this situation. 😂

  17. "only works if your holding your opponent at gunpoint to make those moves"

  18. Fun fact: i just lost my first place spot in school, i quit chess so this is probably the last video i will watch about chess. And once again, never back with more information about my life that no one cares about.

  19. what if the 4th move queen protects and not bishop

  20. I like the “chess is too hard” 90’s punk rock levy more

  21. I really love when popular chess influencers convince their viewers to play openings losing by force . But in all honesty, don't play hope chess.

  22. Едісон почав знімати шахи

  23. Bro did the white queen to bishop….. Instead of white knight to bishop😂😂…

    The white took the 50% chance of winning

  24. I had found myself as black in this game a few times and I had always taken the queen with my queen and then lost my queen to the knight. This will lead to a dragged out match with players not having a queen.
    Now I know checkmate was there the whole time.
    Good shit

  25. Pawn to e5
    Bishop to c5
    Queen to f6
    Queen eat the f2 pawn
    In 4 move

  26. Effective only to those beginners opponent 😅

  27. White will never put the bishop to protect the rook🤣

  28. Can't you take the bishop with your knight instead of your queen

  29. Yeah and as soon as you play you're knight, white plays pawn a3 and ruins the whole idea.

  30. imma do that rn*
    opponent : starts with a knight move

  31. Dang. Tried to do this today but white didn’t do any of those things.

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