Why You Should Play A Gambit In Chess

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  1. No one plays the Caro Kann prob because I'm like 300 rating bktiz and 500 rapid

  2. so if i blunder my queen i can say i played the queen sac gambit so i sound smart lets go!

  3. I always play the kings gambit and lose after sacrificing the king have i been doing it wrong

  4. queen gambit = u sacrifice queen for checkmate but then they play pawn h5 :skull:

  5. Another "gambit" against d4 is The Old Benoni. 1. d4 c5. Most people actually don't take the pawn and play d5, but if they do, you can easily win it back, and there are a few traps where White will lose a knight, bishop or a rook.

  6. I've created one 👍👍👍👍👍

  7. Kings gambit all the way. Or the ICBM gambit


  9. So why do they call it the Kings Gambit like why would you intentionally move into check or intentionally sacrifice your king

  10. "Gambit is a sacrifice"My dumbass not knowing what king's gambit yet: AND HE SACRIFICE THE KIINGGGG

  11. Of all the gambit, you have to show Englund?!

  12. I always try to use Sturm gambit, but my opponent always declines and gets an annoying control of some of my squares

  13. ahh im a profesional at gambits my best gambit is the botez gambit

  14. Thw gambit i use the most is the botez gambit

  15. I always play the Botez Gambit and don’t seem to win much… am I doing something wrong?

  16. I saw this streamer named Hikaru do a gambit called the Botez Gambit but when I tried it I lost every single game and my opponents made fun of me 😾

  17. “What is a gambit?”
    It’s a blunder that has been studied by someone else

  18. I saw this very famous person who is very fast at chess use this gambit called the botez gambit, but when i use it i always lose. Is he gifted or something 🤡

  19. I'll never forget my earlier pawns, cause he make me won

  20. i enjoy playing "take all my pieces, i ain't gonna win anyways" gambit

  21. well theres no point of adding subtitles if the title of the video blocks them

  22. I think I need to understand in every game that I play with the chess player. In every moves there's have a name especially to the famous players and chess master/ chess grandmaster.

  23. Technically the queens gambit is not a real gambit because the c pawn can be regained

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