When Opponent feels SAD for your BLUNDER! #shorts

2 BLUNDERS in 4 Moves! 🥲

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Caption me "Opponent" ka badle "Ladka" aur "You" k badle "Ladki" likha hotaa … Toh.. starting me "When" likhna nahi padtaa…

  2. I made my oponent feel bad and let me take the move back after my queen was pinned by a rook but I didn't take it back

  3. As a 2400 rated player, I can say that she sacrificed, THE QUEEN.

  4. Que podían hacer las negras? Personalmente no le veo salvacion

  5. Had the guy blundered his Queen, She wouldn't have given damn about him and instead of stupid romantics in the comments section you'd be seeing Feminists, trash talking men and being loud mouths.

  6. And that kids is how I met ur mother…

  7. Its not a chess game without that cough at the end.

  8. This is sad, because both players don't have the satisfaction of a win

  9. Don’t hang ur queen ladies n gentlemen 😊

  10. She sacrifices the Queen on her own terms, you know ☕

  11. Kuch bhi ho chess m aassii assii queen honi chahiye 😅

  12. Why feeling sad after you took the queen… I'd legit leave her queen if I had mine so we could carry on.

  13. This event is a failure when they cannot even let the players play on a perfectly flat board. This is so cheap. Use tape if you have to as long as the vinyl board stays flat.

  14. Hello all,
    I'm a beginner and learning. Can someone please explain why Kb6 is a blunder?

  15. I’m more concerned with the fact that the board was waving and not so solid

  16. Imagine a boy there 😅😅😅. Then his reaction would be 😂😂😂

  17. same happened with me in state level

  18. Come on! no chess player has ever felt bad when her/his opponent blunder🤣😂

  19. He's like "my victory turned to ash in my mouth".

  20. felling bad scheme only for girls 😂😂

  21. Although win is the best thing any chess player wants, but it is very unsatisfying to win like this!!!

  22. My opponent did not feel any bad, when he complained my wearing a wrist watch while playing in a rating tournament. My game finished in 7 moves and I lost both my points and rating 🥲

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