When Opponent feels SAD for your BLUNDER! #shorts

2 BLUNDERS in 4 Moves! 🥲

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. It's better to practice a body language a facial expression, eye movement don't show them your emotions

  2. Her knight came to console faster than light speed.

  3. The chess board is sagging, just a thin sheet not a proper board 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. I was expecting some simp shit where he doesn't take the Queen.

  5. After all that, the opponent jumps off a cliff. Can I get my time back? Smh

  6. Winning like that isn't fun for most. I think he's mourning his less-than-satisfying win more so than her poor play.

  7. She blundered right into my heart. ❤🥰😍

  8. This is one way to sacrifice queen

  9. Everything is fare(fair) in love and war

  10. ladki hai isiliye pigal gya ..
    ladke kitne soft hote hai

  11. Same wali cute ho toh harane mein bura lagta hi ha😢… Aur agar koi ladka raha toh 👉 bhar mein jaye bas jeetne se matlab hai😎

  12. Imagine how Bobby Fisher would've reacted if he was in his place.

  13. Slayyyyyy Queennnnn!!!!❌❌
    Slayyyyed her own queen✅✅

  14. Even if you commit a blunder, do not let your opponent know about your blunder by giving facial and body expressions. Your opponent my miss to take advantage in his move and you might get another chance to correct your mistake.

  15. Anyone know the name of the lady chess player over here ?

  16. Why Only girls deserve pity and love and sympathy men gets brutalised here.

  17. Bro actually felt bad i can see it in his face

  18. Sigma never feel sad for anyone , you are failing your emotions 🙂

  19. tbh i wouldnt have taken i dont care i never would bully u for ur blunder

  20. Video editor seems to loving her snd feeling bad

  21. This moment came in my game .where opponent made blunder in 7th move nd mate was in 10th . So i offered draw .. 😊

  22. Sala ldki h samne to ise bhi dukh ho rha h😅😅😅

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