When Opponent feels SAD for your BLUNDER! #shorts

2 BLUNDERS in 4 Moves! 🥲

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. itni pyari bandi se to me Jaan ke haar jata

  2. She was going to lose anyway, so I can understand the pressure

  3. Never be so expressive unless they in fact also see it.

  4. You can see him holding in tears at the end.

  5. There is no one who does not make a mistake

  6. That's why I don't like to play the Sicilian Defense

  7. If someone didnt get the first blunder is bcz u can check and force trading queens and u can just promote first and win

  8. She lose because of the white color of opponent queen, It has to be darker.. Her mind didnt catch whit on white.

  9. People came to comfort her but if that guy made a blunder everyone would have laughed
    Society ☕

  10. Amrita didi got fame by blunder😂😂

  11. I feel her pain, ive been there b4 giving out a free queen in a world championship tournament. And boyyy its painful😢😢

  12. My hand out would have been the tell 🤝

  13. Not that's a simp… Wouldn't feel bad if it was a dude

  14. It’s funny. When I play online and my opponents blunder I’m all like “ha you fucking idiot I hate you I deserve this” but when my friend blunder irl I feel so bad because I always just wanna have good games with them.

  15. Хей помниш ли ме? Преди се писах hristomir2000😂

  16. While you try to hold back your smile, you do get sad when a good game ends with a bad blunder.

  17. That's a hyper accelerated variation of Botez gambit.

  18. Why is that so cute I can’t express it in words it just is😭

  19. Un oponente es un oponente sobre todo en un torneo con variación ELO. También yo muchas veces me sentí muy mal cuando le ganaba a niños pequeños o chicas que daban lo mejor de si

  20. If he wanted to show mercy he could have considered offering the draw 🤣

  21. He’s not feeling bad for her instead he’s calling her WOMAN ☕️ in his mind 😂😂😂😂

  22. But you can do h8+and you can win the game

  23. Was expecting a slight minor inaccurate move not ayo take my queen real quick

  24. He doesn't give a fk about her ))) he pretty happy for his win, he don't follow stupid pusy, he is chess fighter

  25. She could have said that her glasses reflected😂😂

  26. She noticed her blunder straightaway! Such blunders are very normal in time trouble and she should not feel bad specially as she played better chess throughout the whole game

  27. i just 1v1 a junior and i feel bad he's losing his all of his pieces so I sacrifice my queen and I win

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