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  1. Whhhhatttt im 550 elo and i never saw someone play like that that is like 150-200 elo. At 550 if you lose a knight or bishop at the beginning like that which will rarely happen maybe if you missclick, you pretty much have to resign.

  2. did ELO 600 players get significantly better the last month?! 😂

  3. "Oh my gosh, they gave away their knight"

  4. Why don’t the people at my rating play as bad as they do in Levy’s vids? 😂

  5. Thanx Levy! I got a 89.1% accuracy after watching this and a brilliant move, just 1 inaccuracy. Wow! Thank you so much!

  6. i am currently 823 and watching these players play give me confidence

  7. Gotham didn't realise in the third game the b5 knight was hanging THE WHOLE TIME

  8. I’m 300 hundred and I understand this why can’t I raise Eli I saw bishop attack black queen with white square and no more threat

  9. I am not 1000 elo and I don't see it ever actually happening.

  10. When you start playing bots
    You: I’m so good bro
    When you try Elo grinding: …

  11. Im laughing when Levy Said Your Playing Hope Chess

  12. that number its elo or rapid lvl ???? 938 and 924

  13. We ain't gonna talk abt bolbolitos pfp

  14. I'm currently 900 rapid rn, but with this video I will now strive to 1000 rapids

  15. Is this really 500 rated? I'm 500 rated and been playing people at this level and this game is absurd chess.

  16. after 5 month of playing im still stuck at 3 digit. i will use this advice to be better

  17. Coach are you going to continue the series

  18. why are the 500s i play never anything like this

  19. I am almost at 1000 elo and i only use the ke2 opening.

  20. idk if I'm blind to my chess playing, but I'm rated 500 and my games aren't this garbage. I know a couple openings well and don't blunder all the time. I really don't think this is typical 500 stuff.

  21. im 246 and im being put in much harder games wtf lmao

  22. Absolutely goated content. I thought I was working on good habits, but you knew exactly how I needed to be scolded when I get too greedy with my own play again. Will definitely have to revisit this one. 😅

  23. Can you make a video for the current meta?

  24. The 400s I play do not play that bad. I see allot of book moves, queen attacks and fried liver. This is not typical 500-600 stuff. NO WAY. This is 100 stuff. I'm elo 385 and don't play like this.

  25. "also you're a 500 you're not gonna find bishop e2" DEAD

  26. You can win a rook at 24:40 when pawn block and knight takes pawn

  27. Apparently I play against the best 500 in the world

  28. Watched ur video one month back, and i am 1k rating now. Idk much what u taught but u made me enjoy the game! So thanks a lot man!

  29. Just so you know 500-600 doesn't play like that I am in 250 and they are wayyyyyy smarter then this

  30. in response to the title, WHY WOULD I WANT TO LOSE 150 ELO??

  31. 500 elo player levy shows : 🤡
    500 elo player I play against : 🗿

  32. How come no 700s I play, ever play like the ones in the videos lmao

  33. The best way to get better at chess is simply to play chess

    Keep playing you will hit it

  34. Fun fact! Chess isnt about IQ. Its about the ability to see the future and plan!


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