TRICKY Chess Gambit

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  1. would use this tactic against my friend
    if he wasn't so dense that he moves the outside pawns first

  2. I don’t cheat 😁
    1. e4 e5 2. Nc3, the Vienna system, Nc6, 3. Bc4, Bc5, the Copycat variation, 4. Qg4, attacking black’s g pawn, Qf6, 5. Nd5, threatening a fork, Qxf2+, Qf1+ is not mate since there’s a bishop defending that square on c4, 6. Nh3, nearly trapping the queen, and there’s nothing Black can do to save it. If they put it on the free square, you attack them and you’re gonna win the queen. You’re welcome.

  3. If you check the other way with the bishop, the black king will go back to e8, but hen you can go Bf7, and force the king to take.

    Pretty cool twist I thought of.

  4. isn't this called the intercontinental missile gambit

  5. Started playing chess because of you. Now I'm simply in love with it. Why is Chess so beautiful, brutal and addicting at the same time?

  6. Ah yes the intercontinental ballistic missile gambit

  7. Can't cheat if you don't have a partner to begin with 😂

  8. Sacrifices the kniiiiiiigghhhht bishooooop

  9. Ah, the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Gambit, my favorite.

  10. I almost started scrolling…but then I saw the channel name🫡

  11. This is called the Tennison Gambit: Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Variation

  12. Ah the icbm if I remember correctly from a video you posted a while back

  13. Similiar with englund trap, but ambulance for black

  14. I thought that it was glitch with 2 videos but then it was the same video

  15. Ya it’s funny and all but I Wana talk about the game , it could go wrong in sooooo many ways and the most annoying one is if he goes for ur queen first
    or he can also not c the u can defend with ur night


  17. wait…. i think im hallucinating… why did black start first??

    edit: nevermind.. im just high

  18. I don't know why he is using female clip in the front of his shorts

  19. Instructions unclear: i started with black and was losing in 8 moves.

  20. What is the music in the background I've been trying to find it

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