Trappiest Ways to Play the Scotch Gambit & Win About 80%

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In this video, I have covered what I think are the most interesting and successful tricks and traps in the Scotch Gambit. Openings with 1.e4 are traditionally considered more sharp and attacking than those with 1.d4.This move is popular at all levels of the game and was the favorite opening move of world champion Bobby Fischer, who called it “best by test”. The complete version of this video can be found on my Patreon page here:


00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Trap 1
04:03 – Trap 2
08:20 – Trap 3
12:40 – Trap 4

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  1. Need a video with traps in the Cochrane gambit, Petrov def.

  2. Thank you for these traps you've added some knowledge n some of them I have been playing them🔥🔥

  3. Dr Sudipto Pait Chowdhury Health advise says:

    Please say something on black opening

  4. In trap 3 what to do if back plays knight h3

  5. Kaspa, will you be running promotions on your courses for the festivities coming up? (Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas…….etc) Thank you

  6. I like too much your vídeos, but when I'm playing with other players they respond in different ways and I lost my self most of the times.

  7. Pls trapiest plays the king Gambit &win for white side

  8. Left video because there is too much rambling in the beginning. Just get to it, dude.

  9. Thanks for this video sir.. i played the trap #2 to a 1700+ player in blitz and i won.

  10. Best video on the Scotch Gambit that I have seen by far. I've been playing the SG for months now and I didn't know all of these traps.

  11. Kaspa chess is by far the best chess teacher on youtube for the lower ranked players.

  12. Well spend 17 minutes, I give you that. Pure gold on this gambit I never even heard about before.

  13. Is it still possible to play scotsh gambit when you are black and dominate most people?

  14. I played a 1400 level computer and black played his queen every time. None of these gambits worked against a computer.

  15. I love trap #3 and finally I got a superior opponent that played this as black 1:1 and I defeated hm by the book 🙂

  16. In trap #3.. If after Bc4+, instead of Ke8 or Ke7 black plays d5.. what would be the best move for white??

  17. I blew somebody off the board today with trap#3 .. it was very satisfying!

  18. so worth watching the Video got the exact same checkmate setup with Trap 3. EasiLy my favourite knight sacrifice.

  19. The dude from zambia, accent yalishibikwa
    Good content here, you make a very good coach

  20. Trap #3 is the Scotch wild horse gambit but it seems totally refuted by pawn to f6 instead of h6 because after the sacrifice and bishop c4 and then Queen to h5 the pawn move to g6. Then after queen to d5 threatening mate, black queen to e7 shuts it down and white is down a knight and pawn.

  21. What a wonderful video. Short and sweet. Kaspa lays out all the main ideas of the Scotch Gambit, and even answers some questions I had as someone who has played the Scotch Gambit successfully and unsuccessfully. There are ways to get tripped up, but Kaspa shows how to parry black's responses. Well done.

  22. Looks like in the Ng5 line (instead of Bc4), after the sac on f7, white is dead meat! Stockfish gives – 3 plus. Explain

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