Top 9 Aggressive Chess Defenses

Even as black, you can be extremely aggressive in your chess games. This is my list of the top 9 aggressive chess opening defenses. Let me know what your favorite aggressive openings are.

0:00 – Intro
0:33 – #9 Dragon Defense
1:49 – #8 Falkbeer Counter Gambit
2:48 – #7 Nimzo-Indian Defense
3:40 – #6 Icelandic Gambit
5:00 – #5 Schliemann Gambit
5:54 – #4 Latvian Gambit
6:42 – #3 Rousseau Gambit
7:24 – #2 Stafford Gambit
8:30 – #1 Traxler Counter Attack


  1. ah, classic thechesswebsite's chess videos. Thanks!

  2. I love it when my opponent plays the englund gambit.
    Its free win for white as long as you know the first six moves of theory 🙂

  3. I always appreciate your videos. Please keep making them. I would love to see more occasional coverage of higher level games/tournaments. I thoroughly enjoy your perspective and delivery. Thanks for the content.

  4. Kevin, I really learned a lot from your videos in the past, but I would have loved this 1 more if you showed the continued lines in these openings, maybe like Igor of Remote Chess Academy.
    Also, playing F5 was the key to like 3 defenses in a row. Maybe you could have made a separate video for F5 in different openings, & explaining the pros & cons of the lines like you did in your other videos, or at least say "I made a video on that, ill leave a link in the description for you." 😜

  5. The Stafford seems to offer the ability to be aggressive yet safe if wishing to abort midway in the opening and play it safe.

    Thanks for all your excellent tutorials.

  6. Paused to write my favourite, so haven't seen the video yet: I like the Icelandic Gambit quite a bit.

  7. I like the Scandinavian defense alot, I’ll have to try out the Icelandic! Thanks!

  8. here from your 11 year old queens gambit video LOL i see you've improved the microphone 😉

  9. can you please do a video on the modern defense

  10. what program do you guys use to make this video. I mean the chess platform

  11. so for the Traxlor…. i am very confused why bishop going out wouldn't be a foolish play…. bc4 does not save the fork attack on f7??? next black move would really be bxf2?? why?? king would just take, no?

  12. Ty for the Icelandic gambit u posted like five years ago

  13. like anytime I throw an f5 or f4, it comes out that it is to be a gambit

  14. No love for my beloved Elephant Gambit? It's sounder than the Latvian and the Schlieman. And it's a nice surprise when White tries to foil your Scandi with the 2.Nf3 gambit. You just gambit them right back.

  15. As a king's gambit lover, may I ask why the Colorado gambit doesn't make the list? Comes out of the Nimzowitch defence, E4 Nc6, Nf3 F5

  16. I'm an aggressive player for life! (What app/program are you using to show the chess board and stuff? Is it Lichess?)

  17. I think you should have included the kloostboer gambit

  18. Would love to see some recap videos where you break down tournament games .

  19. do you suggest any good chess websites or mobile apps that help to learn the game and provides an unlimited supply of puzzles

  20. Since you are fond of playing the f-pawn , what do you think about the next response to the Bird-opening .
    1.f4 d5 2.Nf3 h5 !? which almost prevents White from castling K-side while Black wants to caste Q-side.

  21. you gotta be hot asf to play the Icelandic Gambit 😩

  22. I found very annoying when someone play against my favourite kings gambit by falkbeer counter gambit. Falkbeer is a real fight for the driving seat!

  23. you helped me get my elo to 1500, its low but I would have never made it without you

  24. I mean, I don't know about other people but I don't find positional play that fun. 'to gambit or not to gambit', I would choose 'to gambit' all day long.

  25. Aggression means attack. Use "Strong or Effective Defenses" instead Sir.

  26. I am not a Master, but rather someone who wants to play a fun game, without dreaming about blood letting and total obliteration of my opponent! Is there a book for beginners with simple openings? HELP!

  27. Can you show some aggressive defences against d4 openings & openings like English opening & Nimzo-Larsen?

  28. “Wanna respond with an agressive defense? No problem, just give up the F pawn and you’re good to go”

  29. That last move, you say in this traxler counter attack you’re also attacking aggressively their f2 square, but we aren’t protected by the knight the way theirs is.

  30. I have to say… That chess Ad was the best Ad I've ever heard. Lots of f you and I hate you, you suck at chess. Get better you btch. 🤣

  31. The Stafford let's you have double pawns which sometimes is not Bueno

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