Top 8 Chess Gambits

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Enjoy the list:
#8 Schliemann Gambit
#7 Tennison Gambit
#6 Halloween Gambit
#5 Colorado Gambit
#4 Jerome Gambit
#3 Steinitz Gambit
#2 Cochrane Gambit
#1 Muzio Gambit


  1. I am thinking about knight to e5 on the muzio gambit on 12:06 and after black moves knight to h6 white can dominate the centre and also apply pressure with d4

  2. Scotch Gambit would be my favorite if everyone didn't respond to 1.e4 with some flavor of the Sicilian.

    Old Benoni "gambit" is a great response to 1.d4.

  3. Hi guys! i am a chess newbie. could someone please explain to me what a gambit is and how can it help me improve my game. thanks in advance.

  4. Wanted to see Evan's gambit getting featured

  5. Cunningham gambit for White in the King’s Gambit is a lot of fun to play.

  6. Halloween gambit is tbh a pointless knight sacrifice…. after d4 instead of moving knight to c6 move it to g6. One of the knight may go to g8 but still black would be winning.

  7. Hey Kevin, you were my first chess trainer. Just wanna say Thank you bro! Appreciate it.

  8. Im tying all these moves a the dudes dont respond as your examples … lol

  9. Bro , you don't believe , really i have better moves than you . Can we play a match??

  10. Isn’t the Colorado gambit the king’s gambit for black?

  11. You forgot the best gambit that actually not just gives advantage but winning chances ie the Ivans gambit

  12. 2:32 every single time it gets to that situation on the bottom right they just move the pawn to a6 and then I’m losing turns fucking off my bishop

  13. I'm right there with you on those two reasons

  14. These gambits are not good advice for people serious about Chess or for youngsters taking up the game. Tou need to learn solid chess and not these silly gambits. Someone played the Cochrane Gambit against me in correspondence chess. It was over in no time because nearly all of these things are flawed & once the other side consolidates with his extra Pawn or whatever, the gambiteer is on defense until he loses!

  15. The tennison Gambit here is quite different

  16. I prefer to play italian. But i like to transfer to the english game or even q gambit. (In some cases even french with white).

    With black i play sicillian (o kelly).
    Or Dutch.

    If i wanna have fun i play danish.
    Italian usually does the trick.

  17. It's amazing to see you doing your thing still. I've been subscribed for years. I just hit my bell icon today. You literally built my foundation for chess, with your extensive openings videos throughout the years. Much love Kevin 💯

  18. What about, The Queen's Gambit? Isn't that the most popular gambit? Lol

  19. At 3:12 couldn't you also just checkmate your opponent by moving the bishop to B5? or am I missing something

  20. i have my own gambit

    they have no choice but to take horse or it’s game. If they take horse you take rook and try to open up white black square bishop to go on a rampage. killing their entire line almost. If they don’t take horse move horse left and a bit down for a checkmate. This is very effective. Ima call it the Akee Gambit xD

    so.. 2:56
    e4 black captures
    f3 horse – e5 move
    f6 black pawn
    f7 pawn attack e5 horse
    white queen h5 check
    g7 pawn blocks
    horse captures g6
    let the opponent think while you are getting ready to pounce for a checkmate or a rampage.
    5e horse is checkmate if h7 doesn’t capture horse

  21. Reallyl awesome amazing work thank you, very much. But in Schliemann Gambit how we can do if after we played our pawn in d5, he covered his f5 pawn by playing his other pawn in g5 ?

  22. Hey man I think you are just in fucking hurry! Uploading onlh half of content.

  23. Kevin; Very nice channel, I'm glad I came across it, you explain the game very well. Thanks.

  24. No mention of the Evan's Gambit? Heresy!

  25. The Jerome and Cochrane are my favourite out of the ten.

  26. Tried the Schliemann Gambit, mated my opponent in 14 moves
    1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 f5 4. exf5 e4 5. Bxc6 dxc6 6. Qe2 Bxf5 7. Ne5 Nf6 8.
    g4 Be6 9. g5 Qd6 10. gxf6 Qxe5 11. fxg7 Bxg7 12. O-O Bh3 13. Re1 Qg5+ 14. Kh1 Qg2# 0-1
    Tried the Jerome Gambit, and after I checked with the queen, my opponent immediately resigned lol

  27. Small changes must be made. Remove the Colorado gambit, and move everything up 1 spot, but make #1 the Scotch. Seriously, what is a Gambiteer's Guide to Chess without the Scotch Gambit?????

  28. Along the lines of Tennison Gambit when the opponent play Knight to protect the pawn, that could also lead to a Queen capture.

  29. Your Dennison gambit Is wrong as when you pl1ay knight g 5 queen will play q d5 except of f5

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