Top 8 Chess Gambits

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Enjoy the list:
#8 Schliemann Gambit
#7 Tennison Gambit
#6 Halloween Gambit
#5 Colorado Gambit
#4 Jerome Gambit
#3 Steinitz Gambit
#2 Cochrane Gambit
#1 Muzio Gambit


  1. I just played a haxo, and it led me to complete dominance. Diegotsunami diego_tsunamu chesscom and lichess

  2. AT 6:45, i play d4. Pawn or bishop takes or Bishop retreats. Doesn't matter. Now u take with bishop and check. When king takes bishop, check with knight on g5. The knight is protected by the dark square bishop which will now join the attack with the queen and the knight. No need to lose the knight.

  3. Loved the video bro!!!

    Insta-Subscribed ♟ ❤️

  4. #7 allows you to launch a surprisingly lethal variant of RT-2PM2 <<Topol M>> cold-launched three-stage solid-propellant silo-based intercontinental ballistic missile to the board.

  5. my favorite gambit is the danish gambit

  6. E4 e5 nf3 nc6 bc4 nd4 nxe5 Qe5 is a trap. If nxc7 Qxg2…

  7. The best chess chanel on YouTube!
    Thank you for keeping the channel running after so many years! I only came across your videos last week and their all top quality explanation wise.
    I'm just sad I wasn't here since day one to watch you grow. Bless you!

  8. I’m not good enough to be caught off guard.

  9. at 3:10 couldn't they have just moved f1 to b5 and that's mate?

  10. mfs really wake up and think “im gonna play chess today” 😂

  11. 5:04 and 11:45 this is the epitome of what makes a bad tutorial. Just show the gambit. We get that chess has a lot of possibilities.

  12. what an ametuer, i do king gambit on every opponent in 850 elo match

  13. Who else is here? Cause he watched the queen’s gambit

  14. Played the halloween gambit vs an 880 player, and won it in 33 seconds, just now!!! Cool!

  15. Good video but you forgot the Tennison Gambit intercontinental ballistic missile variation smh

  16. Another great gambit that I love is the stafford

  17. In first gambit is bad becouse he opponent can make chassmate with the queen

  18. My favorite is the Evans gambit. I just learned the BLACKMAR GAMBIT, but it never comes up, and I usually lose because of my poor positioning from a botched opening.

  19. the ruy lopez seems kinda weak can someone explain why it used so much

  20. For the steinit gambit is it not worth it to move your knight before the pawn to prevent the queen check? Or is the point to lure out the queen?

  21. Steinitz Gambit

    When you moved your King to E2 after you moved the Queen to H4… you literally didnt have to. All you had to do was move your white pawn to G3 and bait the Queen to take it. If the Queen takes the bait… The White Pawn moves to H3 to take the Queen. That whole moving the king thing was kind of stupid, because you paniced when you literally didnt have to. Just saying.

    The point is to get rid of the oppositions most valuable pieces with youre small sacrifices.

  22. Hallowen gambit is the stupidest thing in chess history

  23. can you please buy a better microphone?

  24. Hi new player, here. What do you do when your opponent doesn’t play exactly as shown. One twist throws the whole thing off. These play-by-plays are great but there’s a whole bunch of options your opponent can play on moves 4 and 5. Help!😱

  25. i dont get the jerome gambit, once you have the queen at h5, black can simply move g7 to g6 and make you retreat no?

  26. Hi where are you from? i like your videos. Wanna play on lichess? What's your name there?

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