Top 7 Aggressive Chess Openings Tutorial [FIDE Master Explains]

In this video, FIDE Master Viktor Neustroev will show you the best 7 aggressive chess openings. If you are looking to overwhelm your opponents straight out of the opening it’s time to learn some of the very aggressive chess openings. These aggressive openings will allow you to set up your opponent to lose, right from the start. These openings will work if you catch your opponent off guard, and as such, these are a very important tool to have in your arsenal. FM Viktor Neustroev will help you learn these in this video, so stick around to the end and let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Good content. I have a request please make a video about how to remember the openning pattern easily. Looks like sicilian defence its also contains kan variation, dragon varition etc. But how to easily remember from one sicilian defence. Thus there QGD it has its another root.

    After that please make video about how openning connect with middle game.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Nice explanations! It would be cool if you could teach us how to counter the Danish and Smith Morra with Black, to nulify them

  3. Great video, the audio is really quiet though

  4. Summary
    For white:
    1. Evans Gambit
    2. Danish Gambit
    3. Smith–Morra Gambit
    For black
    4. Marshall Attack against Ruy Lopez
    5. Albin countergambit
    6. Sicilian defense o'kelly variation
    7. Icelandic Gambit (Scandinavian Defense)

  5. thanks for the video, Do you recommend any books that discusses the ideas for this openings for intermedia level , i would like to have a good repertoire , my goal is to be a good club player , thanks.

  6. Or do you think with this video sholud be enough to be prepare to play at my local chess club?

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