Top 6 NEW Chess Openings

Over the last 5 years we’ve seen a growth in some new chess openings. We will cover each of these openings in this video. We also have an in depth video on each of these openings if you’d like to learn more about something specific.

0:00 – Intro
0:34 – #6 Lucchini Gambit
1:26 – #5 Orthoschnapp Gambit
2:22 – #4 Hyper Accelerated Dragon
3:16 – #3 Triple Muzio Gambit
5:13 – #2 Nakhmanson Gambit
6:58 – #1 Stafford Gambit

For more chess openings, including the ones listed above you can check out our website at


  1. No because that opening he just did is going to cause havoc for you

  2. Can you add a links to a playlist with the videos on these in the description 🙏

  3. You have a style that keeps me coming back. This Man you are good

  4. You have a style that keeps me coming back. This Man you are good

  5. hey love ur opening videos man I’m getting better haha

  6. Nice video,my favorit is English but i Like Catalan as well

  7. Love your videos, can you do a video on the Rousseau gambit?

  8. “Babe wake up, Kevin from thechesswesbite just posted”

  9. Had no idea this channel was still active. Glad I came back around. Used to watch this channel’s videos all the time years ago, haha. I still show people the “Game of the Century” video whenever chess gets brought up. Thanks for the video, and all the content over the years! Great work!

  10. Kevin legend your videos are the first digital chess expierience i had and it made me wanna improve hard and get good

  11. English Gambit by Black used in
    Aronian vs Pragg in the final of the Crypto Cup in Miami!

    1. c4 e5
    2. Nc3 Nf6
    3. Nf3 e4
    4. Ng5 c6
    5. Nxe4 Nxe4
    6. Nxe4 d5
    7. cxd5 cxd5
    8. Ng3 h5

    What an exciting variation giving black lots of activity for the cost of a pawn!

  12. You forgot the Catalan by white and the Berlin defense by black. Seems like all the top grandmasters are playing these openings nowadays

  13. Why did you mention rosen for stafford but didn't mention Jonathan Schrantz (vampire chicken) for orthoschnap and nakhmanson? He's basically a godfather of those two

  14. My favorite modern opening is the Bong Cloud (accepted variation)

  15. Very nice. I appreciate your effort. Let me ask you: the Jobava London does not qualify as trendy?

  16. Its been like 13yrs+ and my man here still posting

  17. The best part of Stafford gambit is that you can change the strategy during the match to create traps like elephant trap for example and other types

  18. Great video 🙂

    I'm pretty sure we have a certain Eric Rosen to thank for the rise in popularity of lots of these!

  19. Love these type of videos. I recognise most of these openings but haven't tried all of them. I should!

  20. I think the traxler counter-attack is the most funniest game i ever played, it's so aggressive and confusing for white!

  21. now since people gonna start using these openings, I will play counters to these openings and punish them lol

  22. I don't see how the London System could have been left off this list. Let's be clear about what is meant by "new." There is hardly anything that is genuinely new in chess. What I think you really mean is that these openings are "newly popular." I don't think I can play 5 online games as black without having to face the London System. It seems as if everybody is playing it. The system has been around for a long time but it has never really been that popular. It has gone from extremely rare to extremely common. I think its rise in popularity stems from several popular chess content creators who advocate this system; most notably Eric Rosen and Levy Rozman.

    One is going to see the London System much more often than any of the openings on your list. Yet, if you go back more than five years, virtually nobody was playing the London System.

  23. I wish I could play all these gambits but my opponents don't fall for the traps. They play weird moves which i don't know what to move next. Hahaha

  24. Anything to do with the King's Gambit gets my vote, it's so much fun. In fact I'm addicted to it. The Lucchini is fun as well but, not so many play along with that one.

  25. Jeez man i just found your channel and i must say this is some amazing content and im glad you kept you passion for chess throughout all these years

  26. Amazing video, can you make a video about Latvian gambit please

  27. Addicted to your tutorials brother 😅✌️

  28. 13 years going, man thats dedication. i barely play chess but just cause that im subbing

  29. Thanks Kevin for this video. I have played Stafford in every game whenever I m playing with black pieces and Fried liver with white pieces😊

  30. Am I missing something about that first opening or is it just dumb? Couldn't whites knight fork the rook and queen?

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