Top 5 Most Surprising Chess Openings

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the top 5 shocking chess openings that are surprisingly successful. Let us know in the comments below which of these openings is your favourite!

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00:00 Top 5 Most Surprising Chess Openings
00:10 5th: Grob’s Attack Opening 1.g4
02:41 4th: Duras Gambit 1…f5
04:11 Funny Fact: More than 50% Black Wins
08:26 3rd: Rousseau Gambit for Black
13:43 2nd: Portsmouth Gambit, Sicilian Defense
17:42 1st: Halloween Gambit, Four Knights Game

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  1. Try grob try duras they just not play the line you play

  2. Duras gambit – in this example of moves Black wants to play Helpmate but White is playing Selfmate

  3. These openings remind me of Fisher versus Short where Fisher moved the king and played the craziest moves and still won every one of the 12 games they played.

  4. 18:40 i think playing black queen to e7 would be a better move…to prevent the pawn from taking the knight…

  5. Duras gambit
    1. e4, f5 2. exf5, Kf7? 3. Bc4+ what now? 3. .., do 4. Qh5+, g6 5. fxg6+, Kg7 6. Qxd5 white is better!

  6. Trapping people with their natural defensive moves, that's good stuff 👍

  7. I love the Russo gambit. Pawn pushing 🙂. Had this weird B4 opening a while back. But it takes soooo many moves to reposition the whole left side. Basically trying to establish a pawn on b5 with either e pawn opening up bishop to defend it. If you can manage pawn b5, pawn c4, Na4, Rb1… Is it even usable? Cuz that a file pawn comes in handy. It's a solid push, but it takes soooo many moves before it can pop.

  8. What about the Luccini Gambit (actually the Reverse Vienna)?
    1. e4-e5
    2. Hf3-Hc6
    3. Fc4-Fc5
    4. d3-f5

  9. Everyone – watching a chess video
    Meanwhile me – watching a cat video 🐱

  10. It should be illegal to teach us this. Wow

  11. In the Duras gambit at the end white can do a royal fork. You missed that.

  12. I used to play Grobs all the time! 😂
    Never heard of Duras. Will definitely look into it!

    But at 22:14, after Re1+, Ne5 defends the check and gives back a piece but white's queen and bishop are hanging. Then it looks like white's attack has been stopped.

  13. I play this line against the Sicilian, got the idea from your old video. Really quality content!

  14. Also, the Latvian Gambit is very surprising and quiet poisonous. I prefer the Greco variation which is very rare. It happens after 1e4-e5 2Nf3-f5 3Nxe5-Qe7. Tempting white into Qh5+ which leads to a lot of fun.
    The problem is, if they don't go for it and play d4 instead. But still then, Black gets some practical chances and white needs to play precise. In a classical time control though I think I'd prefer to go for Qf6 on move 3 instead. I tried 3 Nf6, but with good play from white it transposes to the bad line after Qe7 d4, so it's just a bad version, because you don't give your opponent the chance to go wrong. I looked at and tried 3 Nc6, with a famous rook sacrifice. But white can defend to easy. Maybe I'll look at it again and find something, who knows…

  15. I would appreciate it if you could analyze Gambit Smith Morra

  16. 1:14 the problem is, this exchange sac actually leaves white with a horribly unpleasant position. Black has a pawn and a mobilized queenside against zero development for the exchange.

  17. My five year old practiced the duras and beat his grandfather who was completely surprised! He kept chiding him for bad moves, but in the end didn’t properly punish him for these bad moves… which you can easily do so it’s not recommended haha

  18. hello! Will try the Dura and Haloween one today XD. Hope they work!

  19. WHY ARE ALL YOUR SHOWN OPENINGS king pawn openings? For the most part, a GOOD PLAYER always uses queen pawn openings,

  20. 7:39 Qg5 pinning the white knight with g2 poun treat of checkmate Qxg2. And no there is no fork Nxf7 for check and pinning of black queen because you can capture with rock on g7 Rxf7

  21. What if white move not Nxc6 but Q to c5 or a5 to protect the night?

  22. 'Not A5, A5 is a loser's move'
    Igor is my favorite GM!

  23. 5. How about “Grobs attack IGNORED”?!!
    2. Or Portsmouth gambit sidestepped w 3. b4, c4!

  24. I very much love and like your various curious chess opening, traps and tactics. Watching videos is funny and wonderful and knowledgeable.

  25. Is surprised for Halloween gambling that I should learn… Merci

  26. 15:04 Why is one white pawn magically disappearing without being taken by any other piece?

  27. Duras gambit looks more like Dumbass gambit haha. I really like it. I like when they think you're a noob, but then suddenly you start dominating.

  28. The second opening as black is 100% lose if your opponent knows what they are doing if white opened with kings pawn. As soon as KB pawn moves whites queen checks king. Threaten with pawn. Move bishop in front of queen. As soon as pawn takes queen check mate with bishop by capturing pawn on A4

  29. rousseau gambit accepted is still 0.0 if they dont undevelop the knight

  30. Grob is not worst opening for white it’s just f3 :/:(

  31. I fell for a random girl’s duras gambit in a roblox chess game. Truly a low point.

  32. In the third gambit, what is opponent play Nc5 attacking the queen and defending the pawn on B7?

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