Top 5 Most Popular Chess Openings

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  1. Wtf italian is by far the most popular

  2. What happened to the Italian? Wasn't it together with Spanish the first to look on for beginners?

  3. The fact that my opening was caro kann without me knowing is mindblowing to me

  4. Bro Italian and spanish are the most simply openings for beginners

  5. My favorite is the king's indian defense

  6. Dats bullshit, could not have worded that differently. WHERE THE FU**ING ITALIAN

  7. The Italian is the most famous opening**

  8. Italian is more popular than Caro-Kann or Queens Gambit . Everyone Who is new at chess plays it

  9. Nobody:

    Englund Players Proving Why Its The Best Opening.

  10. Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Gambit has left the chat

  11. I am a Sicilian player if I need a draw I play caro kkaann

  12. There is also the vienna opening (e4 e5 nc3)

  13. Those who play ruy lopez is 400 elo💀

  14. My 50 ELO ass wondering why King’s Pawn isn’t the most popular

  15. Italian, Giuoco Piano and the Pianissimo, the Philidor and the London system left the chat

  16. Giuocco piano, vienna? Very common for 1000's

  17. I think that Italian Game is more popular than Caro-kann.

  18. Best defence is resign …. no one can beat you.

  19. My top 5 openings:
    1st Halloween Gambit
    2nd Fried Liver Attack
    3rd Evans Gambit
    4th Queen's Gambit
    5th Tennison Gambit

  20. Bruh ppl crying over london , WHERE TF IS 4 KNIGHTS

  21. Pyramid/london system has left the chess

  22. The Caro-Kann is more popular than the Nimzo Indian?

  23. Caro kann is also number one hated opening in chess

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