TOP 5 Fastest Checkmates in the King’s Gambit

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov shares with you the top 5 fastest checkmates in the King’s Gambit chess opening, which happens after the first moves: 1.e4 e5 2.f4. These are the 5 most brutal and aggressive opening traps in the King’s Gambit.

What’s interesting is that GM Igor Smirnov shows you the games played by masters and grandmasters in this video. And that goes to show that even top-rated players suffer in these aggressive variations and fall victim to these deadly traps.

► Chapters

00:00 Top 5 Fastest Checkmates in the King’s Gambit
00:34 Trap-1: Evil trap in 4th move
04:20 Trap-2: Checkmating the underdeveloped army
06:50 Trap-3: King’s Gambit Declined, 2…Nc6
08:26 Trap-4: Zukertort’s blindfolded game
11:51 Trap-5: Brutal checkmate
14:32 Can you find the winning move?

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  1. How to proceed if the queen gives early check? The 2nd move from the black.

  2. this is good. but the matter is every time i start like this .. Opponent comes with random shit move

  3. I watch alot of your videos and whenever I play the computer to try out you attack the computer does a move in the beginning that you don't cover, time and again. I am almost thru watching your videos because of it lol. In this example after the queen exchange and the white Queen moves to H5 Black moved NH6. And you did not cover this move so the video isn't really helpful for me.

  4. I think 1. Nxc7+ Kd8 2. Rc6++ is more spectacular

  5. What if black doesn't care about pawn and make very unpredictable move

  6. I tried opening up for my bishop but pawn d6 crushed me as that knight was wiped off

  7. Earlier I was too scared to fwd F7 pawn but learnt King's Gambit watching this video

  8. Its a beautiful mate Rf8+ Rxf8 then Kxc7++. The Knight wins it for white

  9. Trap-2: If black had played d5 on move 6, the position would have had a value of -2.37 (depth: 27)

  10. What if they just don't pawn g5? I've been trying this in my games and they just ignore the pawn and they get a free pawn that I can't really punish them form.

  11. Are you serious? Nc3? white has just gained a big tempo so he just keeps developing

  12. Nxc7 check, if Ke7 then Rf7 Check Mate. If Kd8 then Rf8, Rxf9, Rxf8 if Qe8 Rxe8 check protected by the Knight, Kxc7, Qc5 check king forced to b8, Qd6 checkmate if they choose not to block with the queen before taking the knight everything still goes exactly the same. there is probably a quicker checkmate, but this is the one i found.

  13. White – Knight C7 check!
    Black – King D8
    White – C6 check mate !

  14. Queen h5 check – black King d8 – Rook f8 check – black Rook takes Rook & Rook takes black Rook check – black Queen e8 and mate with Rook or Queen !
    If after Queen h5 check – black Queen interposes, it even a quicker mate after Rook takes black Queen & pawn takes Rook – Queen takes black Rook checkmate!

  15. Dear sir, all techniques are good, when the opponent is not strong. We shall be thankful if you kindly share the tough technique and moves of the chess to defend strong opponent.
    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully,

  16. Great! Very instructive, thanks for the work!

  17. after Queen takes e4 then white will play Knight takes c7 check then King d8 Rook f8 King takes c7 Queen to c5 check King b8 and Queen takes c8 is a Brilliant Checkmate.

  18. Love this video. Is that your cat in the back?

  19. If the queen go for direct check white no way to live

  20. Fact: none ever plays bon G5 to protect the bon bruh….. i have never played against someone who did it

  21. I have an i dea to how to counter that move

  22. If the black direct come for giving check without taking the pawn what will happen

  23. Hi Igor, what is the follow-up with trap 5 if Black King doesnt take the bishop but moves to f8. Black is already a knight more so what will play White than?

  24. i dont like how this video assumes my opponent is magnus carlsen or something

  25. Best opening to get out of boring chess positions where u and ur opponent both don't know what to do except pawn storm.

  26. Rook to Bishop 8 check; Rook take Rook; Knight takes pawn check

  27. You don't always play the best moves which tells me that you're about a 1900 rated player instead of a master.

  28. In trap 1st if black play rouk to e8 and catch queen then how mate

  29. Night takes c7 with check. Black has two squares available e7 and d8 if black plays e7 you deliver check with rock on e6 it is actually double check by the queen and black has no square available. And can't take rook by the way cause it is defended by night. And if black plays d8 you deliver check by queen defending night with rook it is actually mate in 2.

  30. before I see the comments, I end it up for solution at the last game, moving queen to f4 and then in varius scenarios I made in my mind I again ended killing the king. But for sure, the rook e6 is the correct no doubt.

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