Top 5 Chess Books for Beginners (0-1200)

Here are 5 Chess books that helped me as a beginning chess player and that can certainly help you!

0:00-0:34 Why I made this video
0:34-1:48 #1 – 5334 Chess Problems by László Pólgar
1:48-2:45 #2 – Silman’s Complete Endgame Course by Jeremy Silman
2:45-3:54 #3 – Mastering the Chess Openings Vol. 1 by John Watson
3:54-4:32 #4 – Mastering the Chess Openings Vol. 2 by John Watson
4:32-5:19 #5 – The Mammoth Book of the World’s Greatest Chess Games by John Nunn
5:32-6:08 If you only had to pickup two of these

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I hope you have a wonderful day! Let me know your favorite book in the comments 🙂

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  1. Mann this channal is soo under rated its such a fun and educational channal thank you for giving us these kinds of contents love your videos

  2. Does it help to have a physical chess set to play out the puzzles and principles in the book? And if so, what chess set would you recommend for beginners? I picked up chess during the pandemic and don't have a physical chess set… Thanks for your very helpful video!

  3. What's your opinion on logical chess – move by move ?

  4. I am 1500 rated and still reading Silman's Book

  5. yess! just got the mammoth book last edition (2021) with up to 145 games, highly recommended with brilliant commentary. About the Polgar book, is only diagrams + solutions or it has explanations on it? thanks

  6. Yo this top is fire, please do a list of books for people in all rating brackets!!

  7. Plzz sir play chess with me once . I am ur old subscriber

  8. just got back into chess after 35 years off after my 6 yo daughter started learning in school. trying to find the best way to teach and support her

  9. I made several such videos years ago but removed them in the end.

    The thing is… I've learned that what helps one person hinders another.
    The books that helped me were chastised as flawed by others.

    The first book that helped me is Seirawan's opening introduction where he goes through all openings and explains the basic ideas.

    There second was Logical Chess Move By Move

    The third is the most controversial but it took my chess to roughly expert/master level is Winning Chess Psychology by Benko

    The fourth is My System by Nimzovich and I still consider it the best chess book ever written

    The fifth is either How To Reassess Your Chess by Silman or a small pamphlet by CM David Levin. Both made an impact by emphasizing how to improve on a position and redeploying pieces

    The sixth is 100 games by Botvinnik.
    Amazing book which taught me how to play good moves in the opening regardless of theory

    Either way the main thing that made me improve is analysis.
    I started analysing my games and openings long before it was considered ok to do.
    Sounds crazy if you're young but back in the day people were instructed to pick just one opening and one defence and investing time in doing anything else was considered a waste.
    I was one of the first few who studied everything in order to understand structures before that concept was even invented. It also made me understand and values openings people deemed bad.
    I think being critical and not accepting other people's truths and doing your own analysis and finding your own creativity is the most important thing.

  10. Hello iam just 1142 but i defeat 2000,1655 and i easily can solve mate in 15 . Iam from🇮🇳

  11. Hello, The Chess Nerd…, "Congrats !" Excellent video and very informative and thank you for sharing the video… " Semper Fi " Mike in Montana P.S.: Hope to see ( more ) chess videos… 🙂

  12. Broooo have ua seriously read aaaaall of those books from page a to z daaaaamn bro respect

  13. first book is for beginners, great book but dont spend money if you over 1500+

  14. Awesome, thanks!! Because of this video I ordered Silmans and Mastering the chess openings off of Amazon. Which do you recommend I read first? I’m 800-900ish player, just read the Bobby fisher book as my first book.

  15. Are you referring to online rating? Or OTB?
    I'm 1650 at Lichess currently and I have never read any chess books. I have only analyzed my games and played a lot of online puzzles. Should I follow these recommendations too? Or would they be "weak" at this point? I don't wanna leave any knowledge gaps behind in my improvement

  16. Finally a useful video in this topic!! Thanks man!

  17. Getting back into this game after 3-4 years lol, I'm 14, I have forgotten everything and only know the rules now, let's see if I actually get into this hobby and if I do let's see how much would I improve in 2 years

  18. Will you get a kickback if I order through the link you provided? I want to make sure I ask because it’s a little awkward to use the link but I’ll use it if it makes you money bro!

  19. Great video these books have helped me become better

  20. How do you feel about Jesus de la Villa's 100 Endgames you must know?

  21. FCO is pretty good for openings. Thanks for the suggestions.

  22. Attacking Chess by Josh Waitzkin was my all time favorite.

  23. Which one you recommend should I buy first?

  24. Can anyone suggest me midgame related books for beginners cause thats what I'm bad at

  25. Can you give me an alternative to 5334 problems?It's too expensive in India 🇮🇳

  26. An interesting note about Judit Polgar, she has beaten 11 World Champions, including Fischer, Carlsen and Kasparov. The closest male player I have found so far to accomplish this is Korchnoi, who has beaten 9. Her Peak Rating was 2735, making her not only the strongest woman player of all time so far, but one of the strongest of all players. She was ranked #55 in the workd as a 12-year old, at the time this was extremely rare. There seems to be a problem with misogyny iin chess and this needs to be corrected ASAP. If I see it in person, there may be some unscheduled chess boxing.

  27. Although it is sound advice to study the end and middlegames first, I think most players ignore this because you have to play the opening well enough to reach a middlegame. There is a context of course and it is inevitable that the endgames will need to be known to get into the Intermediate/ late intermediate level. The good news is that if I stay in principles, I do reach the middle most games, but for my purposes it needs to be guaranteed.

  28. I'm 20 y.o can i get any master title from this age ????

  29. I don’t like the last one, the games collection. I’d suggest Giddins, 50 essential chess lessons. Big plus: the ebook version is excellent.

  30. I'm studying those days the Laslo's Polgar book, it's a very great book

  31. That Polgar book was actually written by Susan when she was under 18 and needed to use her dad's name to get it published.

  32. I'm only a 750 Elo…I have The Mammoth Book and I use it regularly with my own board, playing the games in it out move by move and memorizing as best I can. I highly recommend it too! As for the others, will definitely put them on my list! New subscriber hete!

  33. I have the Silman book on the way. I'm fed up with giving away the game in the end game. Keen to improve!

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