Tips For 1000-1100 Rated Players

I work through a game with a player rated 1078 and highlight a few key areas where players around this level can improve fast!

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  1. Excellent explanation for me to understand!

  2. 14:03 if black Knight goes to h4 you have to move your queen and might blunder your Bishop

  3. Took me 6 months to get to 1000 and it took me 2 weeks to get to 1100

  4. From what I'm gathering . Don't make wasted moves and castle

  5. He didn't have to recapture with the pawns in such a situation

  6. I got 400 to 1200 In only 4 months .. I think it started in November 2021 to March – April .. ! It is cool or not .. btw I'm student

  7. Keep it up ben I am happy to say that i have crossed 900 rating and i am currently a 921 rated player.I am super excited to cross the 1000 rating barrier.I wanna say that your videos has helped me a lot to reach at this stage of my game.

  8. you should get an award to the person who makes the thumbnails. They are awesome

  9. Your videos are excellent, I feel I’m winning a bit more thanks to your videos and particularly benefiting from following your thought process

  10. Oooh at 8:39 what about knight e5, bxa4 Qxa4+ drops the queen 👀

  11. my goal eventually is to become a 2000 rated player im now around 1100 is that possible?

  12. I'm a little confused about how much criticism went into literally the most common reply to the queen's gambit. Especially since capturing d5 is borderline a mistake for you. Nc3, Nf3, leave the tension and everything is good. Capturing literally fixes all the problems you pointed out about e6.

  13. I enjoy your channel, you take things slow where many 2000+ players are too hard to follow because they talk so fast. I'm rated 1000. Here is what I have learned the last few months. Feel free to give comments and suggestions, and advise if my I'm correct or not.

    When I have a material advantage by the mid game, say 4 points are better, and my position is fair to good, (meaning I'm not under attack) I begin to methodically clear the board in exchanges. I only play 30 minute rapid.

    Note the time left on the clock. Even if you have a advantage in material, your opponent may still have enough pieces, and position to make a checkmate hard to carry out in 15 minutes. In this situation, I switch from a checkmate goal to just clear the board and win it in the end game which will be much quicker. All I do is look for opportunities for even trades. If he offers one take it. Quicker than trying to calculate various checkmate scenarios with many pieces on the board. That gobbles up lots of clock time. If his king is in a mostly safe place, I'll leave him there and move to attacking less protected pieces, get my exchanges and move on.

    Maybe that's incorrect, but it seems to mostly work. 1000 rate players are keen on the checkmate and ignore the quicker path to a win. Use that to your advantage, when you find yourself down.

    Nothing is more frustrating to have a winning game, say a piece and 3 pawns left vs a king, and come out with a loss or draw because the clock ran out. Running the clock in the mid game between moves can cost you in the end game. I've been on both ends of that. I've had opponents with a clear advantage run the clock out trying to checkmate me (which he would have if the game had been 60 minutes) all the while he had 2 passed pawns on the other side with little I could do to stop them, with all my players gathered around the king in a complicated defensive position.

    In the very least make him peel off pieces from king protection duty to blunt the pawn advance and that may create a opening where you can get a checkmate in.

    Perhaps you have such a game in your archive where you deployed such a strategy?

  14. Isnt mandatory to memorise the whole chessboard and some basic opening variations to overcome the 1200 rating? I m curently on 1037 to rapid and 1423 to Daily, but i mostly play against the bots right now

  15. I was on a three game losing streak. I came across your video and watched it all the way through. I like how you explained what you were thinking during each move. I went on to win 8 in a row and I'm at 1082 right now. I might rewatch this tomorrow before I play to help get my mind thinking about the right things while I play. Thanks for the video man!

  16. Well this is the best video I've seen for explaining the basic thought process needed. It's helped me in many ways – particularly in understanding why a threat to a pawn over a potential castling side should not necessarily be considered a red alert. Thank you!

  17. I dropped from 1083 to 973 but after watching your video I won 5 in a row now I'm back 1113. Big Ups Man. Keep up the food 💪

  18. i found this very helpful and easy to follow. thank you. currently rated 1002!

  19. I believe this is your highest number of views to date. Congratulations!

  20. I can beat 1100 rated bots but I can't beat 500 players possible Smurf accounts?

  21. This is a great video and your commentary is relaxing and not all over the place.

    Thank you sir

  22. I'm 1400 rapid (10 min) but only 1100 blitz, what do I do?

  23. Why I only gain 7 or 8 rating point per win. I'm 854

  24. Is c3xd5 a move? Or am I missing something?

  25. At 8:20 why dont u move ur knight to e4? If bishop takes you take with check and win a queen. If he doesnt take you win a piece??

  26. I know all these things. Yet I cannot keep my rating in the 1100's. I. Always hanging around the mid thousands. Maybe people are getting better? Hmm

  27. 14:17 mark – How would you respond if instead of rook, knight moved to H4? Curious to know. Seemed like a good move that black missed. I am 1065…want to reach 1100.

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