This Is The Best Gambit I Have Ever Played 😭 #chess #shorts


  1. Why when he takes the knight we don't just sacrifice the bishop checking the king and winning the queen in te next move like an ICBM

  2. I'm not sure you understand what a gambit is. Both 'parts' of this so called gambit are just exchanges not gambits

  3. Is there a sussy amongus impostor gambit too?

  4. Is it like a: french: exchange variation, Irish Gambit variation?

  5. When you hear


  6. What is this ?
    I hope my opponent doesn’t see the mate gambit ?

  7. This is just delayed scholars mate it stops working about 500-550 but some people you can still do it on on higher Elo

  8. this just transfers to the vienna gambit accepted lmfao

  9. I swear white is winning here if he/she saw the checkmate

  10. Knight e2 doesn’t protect that square but it prevents checkmate

  11. Ain’t no way that shitty tactic got you to even 500 elo 💀

  12. A. There wasn’t a single gambit in this game B. This is just the french defence

  13. Yeah and if youre opponent isnt stupid and defend f2 youre just down a pawn

  14. „If they develop anywhere it doesn’t stop mate on f2“

    What about Knight f3

  15. "Here is the move that's starts with…" they don't know…

  16. This is just an overcomplicated scholars mate

  17. That's how, in 18 century, chess theory was funded.

  18. Why tf you take the knight? You can sacrifice the bishop with check to take the queen, mate is VERY stoppable, and this is the french defense

  19. i dont i dontttttt bah i dont know what to say says:

    my opponent lost even though the gambit was ruined when they moved the queen instead of the knight I won with my knight and queen

  20. I'm ngl bro this shit had won me a game 5/5 times alr

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