This Is One Of The Trickiest Chess Gambits 👊 #chess #shorts


  1. I think you mean the walter white gambit

  2. Isn’t that just losing a knight if he slides his queen back?

  3. He can just protect the king with the queen

  4. Can’t they just block the check with their queen on e7

  5. Nah bro imagine people just never make these mistakes

  6. To all the people saying he can block the check with the queen, the pawn is still there, the pawn takes queen for free

  7. The -400 Leo chess player: why doesn’t black just block with queen

  8. did anyone else notice that his shirt changed?

  9. Try the knight bishop queen king pawn rook gambit

  10. One thing No one Is gonna Fall for that All players Have a 🧠 If they have 3 Digit Elo They are Smart enough To know this Gambit I once tried To all players and have failed all time

  11. To the people asking about blocking with the queen, the pawn can still take it, so the opponent loses it anyway

  12. just give them back the pawn u get a better position

  13. For some reason Nxc7 is an innacuracy

  14. Him : teaching
    Me : I T E R C O N T E N E N T A L B A L L I S T I C M I S S L E

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