The Trappiest Opening in Chess? | Win Quickly with the Stafford Gambit

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In this video (originally live-streamed on Twitch), I was asked the following question by a viewer:
“What is the main trap in the Stafford Gambit?”
I then decided to show all of the traps in the Stafford Gambit that I could think of in the moment. Although white is objectively better with precise play in the Stafford, there are SO MANY ways to go wrong and stumble into danger. Many of the trap variations feature beautiful sacrifices and mind blowing combinations. Although I go through some of them quickly in this video, I hope this offers some inspiration to win quickly and be alert for tactic in the opening!

Analyze the traps shown in the video in this lichess study:

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  1. i see the bishop attacking the quee and i don't know why someone would try it since the bishop is not protected

  2. Grandmasters may not know all these traps but 1400s seem to know them.

  3. I'm proud to say, actually fewer people fall into this trap… and today firstly I got it, but didn't know what to do exactly… even didn't remember who won.
    And what is funny, when I create moves for the trap, they occasionally just put their pawn, I mean I think they just think OOO this may be a trap or he's up to something… if he put his bishop here… in this way… so funny. More I am trying to learn traps or openings more worse I am playing. Because it is like unnatural way, but don't like to play simple openings, for beginners openings is not so matter if you didn't fall into a trap of course.

  4. Quite literally the dumbest opening in history. It is SO bad and when I see it I just laugh. It’s so easy to beat. Should be called the Moron Gambit.

  5. I keep noticing when I play online that when the bishop is on E3 the Queen can drive it out by going to E2 so not exactly dominating

  6. I had to watch the video in slow motion to keep up.

  7. What if he eats the Knight with the rook

  8. I have won many games with this gambit. Thank you so much Eric Rosen.👍😎. Hope u become a GM soon and share more such openings.👍

  9. I finally got someone to take my pony …. First time … still gotta figur out what I’m gunna do hahahaha

  10. 6:58 that's the fishing pole trap if he castles most of my games I sacrifice my knight right there only if they do castle sometimes its not even a knight but its never a rook or queen also you need that h5 pawn there prior to sacrificing a priece after they castle on that side of the board to release the rook on h8

  11. 0:46 Time traveller from 2022 here: right now this mate on lichess has occurred 7.838 times! Thanks to Eric more than 10 times the original amount of 2020!!!

  12. Got really into chess like 6 weeks ago.
    Got to play my first stafford today against a 1200 rated.
    Mate in 14 😎
    Had my first brilliant move in it as well.
    Thanks a lot!

  13. Am done with this gambit. Lose more than I win. So many ways to refute it.

  14. im so shocked that he mentioned an exact line on how to blunder and get check mated-which happened to me yesterday

  15. this might be a stupid question but what if the e4 pawn comes to e5 threatening your knight?

  16. White at my low level of 1100 they always pull both knights out and never take the pawn or the free knight. What would you do?? Could you play an example? Also how do I donate?

  17. Thanks Eric. What is the best sequence of moves for black after 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Nxe5 Nc6 4. Nxc6 dxc6 5. D3 Bc5 6. Be2 ? I tried h5, but then white countered with 7. c3. Thanks very much!

  18. Idk if it’s just me but your keyboard keys sound really nice

  19. I think this should be noticed too: 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Nxe5 Nc6 4. Nxc6 dxc6 5. e5 Ne4 6. Qe2 Bf5 7. d3 Bb4+ 8. c3 Nc5 9. cxb4 Nxd3+!

  20. Wonderful gambit @Eric Rosen, thanks for sharing. After playing chess for some years (as a self learner), I was kind of stuck, kind of playing always the same lines, and this opening throws so many options that makes the game fantastic. Take care

  21. I'm watching this again after watching The Chess Drama Is Over 🙂

  22. Tried Stafford multiple times but they just won't take out knight let alone pawn.

  23. I've been doing shrugs at the gym to work on my traps when I should've been using the Stafford.

  24. somehow low elo players like 1000 dont go for the basic knight takes knight they retreat

  25. Why didn’t they call this the Stafford’s minefield opening

  26. What happens after black Nr4 white plays 8. BxN?

  27. Sorry, after black plays Ng4, white plays 8. BxN . . . ?

  28. what happens if they play d4 on move 3?

  29. @eric-rosen what line do you recommend against 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nxe5 Nc6 4.Nxc6 dxc6 5.Nc3 Bc5 6.h3? My game continued as follows 6…h5 7.d3 Qd3 8.Qe2 and then I blundered and ended up losing but it looked like he was going to queen-side-castle. Any recommendations? Thank you so much!

  30. I don't understand one part about this, why would anyone play d3? isn't that blocking the rook?

  31. What about pawn to e5? Ive encountered it a bunch, they attack my knight and there is no good counterplay it seems

  32. I just got another Stafford so I’m here again, waiting to see what he does

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