The Top 5 Best Chess Openings For Aggressive Beginners

FM James Canty is back and he’s got the Top 5 Most Aggressive Chess Openings for you to learn to take your chess game to the next level.

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  1. Why would Evans gambit be good only resulting in check and not mate?

  2. The Kings Gambit and Evens Gambit is crazy!!!!

  3. I thought this was a Levy video, having Magnus Carlsen in the miniature

  4. It's beautiful to see a brother know the game and know it WELL 😍

  5. First can't wait to embarrass myself trying these

  6. The Kings Gambit is actually OP up to 1500, because no one seems to know how to play against it.

  7. Another one is the “gun opening” where you take out a gun (usually a pistol for mp5) and threaten your opponent and tell them to resign or you will shoot. It’s pretty aggressive if you ask me.

  8. I’ve heard that the evans gambit was a favourite of Kasparov and I can see why

  9. When they plan the second best move instead of the mainline:🤯

  10. Great stuff James, thanks. It's always fun and inspiring to watch you get into it.

  11. This was a marvelous opportunity to pimp the Jobava London.

  12. The king’s gambit is not for beginners. It’s hard to play even by grandmasters!! And because it is hard to play and to handle, It’s not played anymore. I garanti you that. There are too many types of king’s gambit.

  13. You advise me to start learning what are the tactics, strategies, calculations, plans, etc.. or the opening, middle and end of the turn?. And why? (Optional) FYI: I know the basics of chess

  14. The Evans gambit is so powerful that even Stockfish aproves it

  15. I would love a top 5 openings for defensive players, I am not the biggest fan of playing too aggressive.

  16. Fun fact: Even before this video, for a few months and even now, the Halloween Gambit is my go-to opening.

  17. Super confusing, fokus on the game and not you

  18. Terrible vid, you chose lines people dont play, d5 is an obvious response after Ng5, and in the Halloween gambit, d5 is also a logical move instead of f6

  19. Awesome commentary with funny reactions 😂

  20. U cant play knight f6 in the italian because of fried liver? Lol it‘s literally the top engine move

  21. Came for the chess, stayed for Canty's energy

  22. The Cochrane gambit just loses, play d4 instead of Nxe5 if you wanna be aggressive. Also engine says -1, not equal.

    This dude thinks aggressive means the opening has to give black at least a +1 advantage. Play the scotch, do things that aren't terrible.

    And the line of the kings gambit suggested loses on the spot, especially if the queen just moves to f5 after d4.

  23. i hope i will win in chess with the kings gambit💯

  24. I used to play King gambit but I never knew that was so strong like that.

  25. Need more Canty videos on this channel. The man is a content machine. 😂

    Also, I’m never trying Muzio Gambit bc wtf? 💀

  26. 1:11 Why c3,why not bishop b2,applying pressure to the e pawn?

  27. For white i like King's Gambit and Danish Gambit.For black.Caro-Kann

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