The Top 10 Weirdest and Unorthodox Chess Openings

There are thousands of chess openings some of which are far better for white, some for black and many leading to a dead equal play. Have you ever come across or heard about an opening that you did not even know existed?

Have you ever heard of the Toilet Variation, The
Drunken Knight or Ammonia Opening? Have you ever heard of the Saragossa Opening, The Borg Defence,, The Lemming Defence or even The Flick Knight Attack. Do you know there is an opening called The Monkey’s Bum and The Frankenstein Variation? Why not familiarise yourself with the 10 weirdest chess openings you probably never knew existed?


  1. Saragossa and Knife Flick attack are the best among these

  2. Still i play amar opening..
    They al said its a blander,but no one has proff clearly Why it is a mistake!!
    I bet no one will be able to win vs a high rated player that play NH3!

  3. The Halloween opening would fit this concept well.

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