The Sicilian Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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  1. Golf, pickleball, shooting. Bowling and tennis occasionally.

  2. Just downloaded “The Last Of Us”…… can’t wait to get into it!!!

  3. I am low rated at chess and I was like let's go for Sicilian defense against white. And white ended up crushing me. Now I understand why Levy was warning not to play Sicilian unless and until you're 2000 or above. Now I rather prefer to play Italian game as it is simple and helps castle kingside in just 3 moves

  4. I can't believe that I've been subscribed to your channel for about a year now and I didn't know this opening playlist existed!!! Thank you so much Levy!

  5. I'm 1580 but chatgtp said I'm good to learn this

  6. I have been running the Sicilian since a guy in Highschool showed it to me. I struggle with it at times. I'm trying to get better with it. How do you fend off a pawn storm in the center? I find myself losing a lot when people do that.

  7. Bye i am srsly 0 and is gonna learn this

  8. They are Billions and D&D in fact whenever i play a Greek gift, i call it a drow gift cause they like to sac their priestesses

  9. I'm a 500 elo and tried playing the Sicilian but then, my bank account crumbled, my family told me I was adopted, my cat hated me, my life was miserable, and then Stockfish took my life and he now controls my soul

  10. Some games I play that are not chess are the board games Settlers of Catan, Entdecker, Thurn & Taxis, Hacienda, Age of Mythology, etc. Eurogames! So much fun.😊

  11. Playing sicilian at 1300 feels like jumping out of a helicopter without a parachute.

  12. I do c5 with pawn then b6 with knight and then e6 with pawn is that a good start or no?

  13. Some other cool games besides chess I have played: I got really hooked on the video game genre of Tower Defense. I've played a lot of Bloons TD and PvZ. Mexican Train is fun to play with a group and some adult beverages. Risk is also a blast. These days, if I'm not playing chess I write and produce music.

  14. Everything I look up one of your videos are the top recommendations. Your out here monopolizing chess tube lol

  15. Usually on white I do e4 and if black offends d4 I develop the knight attacking the black pawn and then continue from there

  16. I have a question. My dad almost always use this opening where he first moves the pawn in front of the queen and then release two of this knights out. Is that some kind of tricky Sicilian opening? Sorry, I'm a beginner.

  17. What? Play the Sicilian until you’re 2000? That’s what I heard.. sounds like I can play it forever

  18. I see a lot of sicilian players i play against as a 1000. I always respond with the Wing Gambit and they mess up.

  19. 0:14 it was at this moment that 99 percent viewers though, ‘huh, whatever I am still going to play ‘😂

  20. Chuck Norris played the Sicilian Defense…
    with the white.

  21. I don’t understand I single word this man is saying but I’m going to try it

  22. The E-6 version has worked well for me.

  23. I have trouble when white brings it’s bishop after I start the Sicilian? What’s the best way to punish it

  24. i am 1400 and i will play this and you cant stop me

  25. Emmanuel Praise Ugomsinachi Tunde Duhu says:

    I’m 700 and I play the E6 Sicilian and it’s okay and I also play the two knight

  26. Lol, not too many players pay attention to you! They play the Sicilian below 2000 and they didn't mention what other games they play. I don't know, maybe they don't play any other games. Nice encapsulation of the opening, I learned something. Oh, and I am currently playing Civ 6.

  27. "don't use the Sicilian until you are rated 2000+"
    I literally accidently discovered this when I was playing against random bots on my first day of chess.

  28. I'm Elo 800 and love to play the Sicilian. I dont car eabout losing because the wins that I have with the Sicilian are simply epic.

  29. "Don't use the Sicilian until you're rated 2000"

    Ok be right back let me just get to 2000 rating

  30. What to do with your white bishop

  31. Me playing the Sicilian at 1000 elo


  32. title says "The Sicilian Defense | 10-Minute Chess Openings" but after you watched the whole vid it just keep pressuring you not to play.

  33. What do you advice for an "accelerated dragon sicilian player" to play against the *Grand Prix Attack*?

  34. How about the openings in miNeSweepeR?🤔

  35. Levy: dont play this til 2k elo
    Me: i dont really care if im 500 lets pretend I didnt hear that

  36. I mean, I'm a 900 rated, I play the sicilian or dutch defenses, and it goes pretty well for me in general, love playing it

  37. I'm new to chess and it seems every different move has its own name and there are seemingly infinite amounts of these moves. My next game aim Gona play the Closed Sicilian fire breathing dragon defence declined gambit pin variation LOL

  38. Don’t start till your 2000- me who when I first started chess learned it because the l Sicilian dragon sounds cool

  39. Also.. who cares about theory when you can think good enough?
    I never play dutch, french or the indian stuff and still can play them with my ~1400

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