The Queens Gambit

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  1. What if black play the Kings pawn because of pre move ? 🗿

  2. I always start with this strategy and always won against inexperienced peeps, i was about to join the chess contest but i got afraid that there will be people who knows this strategy so i refused and let my classmate join the contest instead

  3. Wait, the queens gambit doesnt involve the queen?!?

  4. He believes in someone who doesnt know how to checkmate i know what it is but i have no strategies

  5. "Now go win the game"
    Me who doesn't know chest: HOW

  6. my opponent did a6 pawn on the second move, what do i do

  7. OMG!!! I just saw this reel and used this opening and just won in 20 moves!!…thanks for believing in us!

  8. I finally am starting to understand opening and how they change based on what the other player does, I used to think like “well if they just do something else it doesn’t work” but you have to adapt

  9. I call for a ban on netflix, remove all the accounts, don't renew netflix accounts!

  10. You should tell your viewers to not go E4 because they can play Qd3 if the opponents tries to defend the pawn

  11. Can anyone tell me why is it important to take hold of the center.?

  12. Whenever there is a Gambit or something like this i could just take the pawn and idk if i am knowledge enough or have enough vision or dumb enough to capture it…

  13. I love when i watched queen gambit and then the queen started gambiting , such a one of a gambit moments of all the time.

  14. Pls respond. What is bettwr, queens gambit or kings gambit?
    And is it risky to try and do a trap on someone potentially ruining your position? Like legals, damianos, etc.

  15. I played this and lost to the fucking paperclip bot on friendly mode

  16. Gotham sad to say but they were only two player who played gueens gambit against me and they both resigned after a few moves.
    Why you may ask, they got beaten so bad after a few moves I would be a rook and have two queens on board

  17. levy: go in i belive in you
    subs: finished on guess the elo

  18. This is why I doubt I'll try learning chess

  19. How could I go into a game when servers are at max capacity?

  20. omg I do this all the time! (it took me 2 weeks to remember who the bishop and knight are)

  21. The " I believe in you" really hyped me up to lose 100 elo

  22. Suggestme couple next best move after we hold the center after queen gambit accepted please…

  23. Always play this and and win rate increase

  24. You really think that i can win by better position

  25. always playing the queen gambit in my games. But i dont do what you said, for example i castle long side sometimes

  26. Is there a story to why its called Queens Gambit? I mean sure, you play your Queens Pawn, but it seem like the Queen is like the least involved piece in the whole thing?

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