The Queen‘s Gambit is actually strong if you play it like this

The Queen’s Gambit is an aggressive Opening that chessplayers on beginner to intermediate level can use to win more games and increase their Elo. Subscribe 🙂


  1. this missions approach to teach openings is so good, no complcated theory for my 1100 elo brain

  2. Person: You need therapy
    Me: I have chesspage1

  3. Finally, this opening is what we all needed

  4. I love you for making me think in missions for my pieces. It improved my play so much. ❤

  5. LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Keep them rolling baby!!!!

  6. That example game was helpful and fun to watch, you made me learn the Queen‘s Gambit without even trying

  7. thank you but you didnt cover a very common line, when black plays Bb4 and pins your knight

  8. Awesome content as always! ❤ Please do one on the Lenningrad Dutch! I discovered it through your video and it is too fun

  9. Less than 1 hour gang ( no im not a bot, BUT I WANT LIKES)


  10. Please do the English opening next… I just started playing it and I'm hoping to see how to play it better. I feel like your approach to teaching openings will compliment the opening as it often leads to positional games.

    Nice video btw.

  11. Awesome job! I love your videos and teaching style 🎉

  12. Nice . Plz make vid on Berlin or pic defense

  13. I know I am gonna improve like crazy after every video he uploads

  14. Your way to explain things is quite perfect

  15. @darqed what about the kings gambit then😂😂😂

  16. What rating ranges would "high elo" and "low elo" count as?

  17. Brother can you please make a video on England gambit I am awaited for it from months

  18. I'm a simple man, I saw ChessPage1 video, I clicked

  19. Can you make a video about kings gambit?(don't ask y)

  20. this the only man that i can understand every gambit at chess

  21. Now, what did you say about what the best defense was?

  22. My favorite chess content creator!!

  23. I too play only the queen gambit. At last the vid for me

  24. Wheres the part where you actually gambit your queen?

  25. Pwease Do the nimzowitsch-larsen opening, it's a Op opening too

  26. as the c pawn, i can confirm the queen's gambit is very good except i keep dying

  27. Abstract this out and we get three priorities in ascending order of importance:

    3. Material
    2. Development
    1. Checkmate

    Material gives you more stuff to work with and if you get a lead with it it's like having the advantage of a bigger army in a real battle.
    But one soldier in the right place at the right time and with good disipline is better than ten troops that can't attack anything and have shitty leadership. So that's where development comes in a a kind of space-time form of resurce/advantage each player competes form.
    But the absolutely number one priority isn't simply material or development because the only material or development that counts is material and development that brings you closer to checkmate. Not all development is equal and offensive development tends to be more effective because it constricts the opponent's options.
    A player can surpass his opponent at both of the other priorities and still lose the game.

  28. Super fun and didactict content, as always. Could you explain the nimzo-larzsen next?

  29. Chess genius!!! More vids pleaseeee ❤

  30. As a Queens Gambit main and a big fan of the channel I thank you very much!

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