The Queen‘s Gambit is actually strong if you play it like this

The Queen’s Gambit is an aggressive Opening that chessplayers on beginner to intermediate level can use to win more games and increase their Elo. Subscribe 🙂


  1. Bro i love the way how you explain the strategy it so much easy to understand

  2. Hello can someone Gambit their queen so that I can get her 🤤🤤🤤

  3. I am noob

    I want a vedio on
    When I exchange all material in the end I have left only pawn and other opponent also have pawn

    How to calculate to move right pawn how to movie it , like how to play with pawn cuz opponent eat my pawn after some moves

  4. This is just PHENOMENAL!! The easy way of structuring the whole game in bite size peices and adding humor to it makes it that a fairly new player like myself has a chance of remembering a opening instead of a hundred variations! So good and soo funny!

  5. Its amazing how he teaches and devides into mission i loved it keep it up bro and also make videos like this on more openings👍👍

  6. Please do the sicilian, I know it can be impossible but your videos are wonderful

  7. Thank you very attack ,, nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  8. itsbeentwoweekssincethelastchesspage1videoandicanthandleitanymorewhereareyoudadpleasecomehomewithanewvideo

  9. Is the Kings Gambit good or is the queens gambit better?

  10. I disagree with recommendation for Queen's Gambit accepted (if you're lower elo). Playing 3. e4 disallows easy sequence to win back the pawn. Your opponent will just defend the pawn and secure advantage. There are even advanced lvl games when black secures the pawn and goes to endgame with advantage. If you can't put pressure and develop correctly I recommend 3. e3

  11. Dude, pls upload more. 😂 My rating drop to 1 now. Need your video

  12. What about qd5 instead of knightd5? What do I do then?

  13. Could you do the catalan or the englund gambit next please? Your videos are very easily digestible!

  14. I make my own opening: Russian opening it has 2 moves 1 e3 and a6 2 e4 and b5. Variations: Russian opening: botez variation, 3 qe2 and nf6 4 qxb5 and axb5. Russian opening: botez variation: opposition, 3 qe2 and nf6 4 e5 ng4 5 qxg4 and f6 6 qh5+ g6 7 qe2 and a5 8 nf3 and f5 9 ng1 and d6 10 d4 and dxe5 11 qd1 and exd4 12 qxd4 and qxd4. Russian opening: russian gambit: normal variation: 3 bb7 and bd3. Russian opening: russian gambit: Spike variation, 3 bb7 and f3. Russian opening: russian gambit: queens variation: 3 bb7 and d3. Russian opening: queens variation, 3 d3 and e6. Russian opening: king variation ( i am running out of ideas) 3 f3 and e6.Russian opening: four knights game variation: 3 nf3 and nf6 4 nc3 and nc6. Russian opening: three knights variation: 3 nf3 and nc6 or nf6 4 nc3 and any move. Russian opening: great wall of china opening: 3 a3 any move that doesnt prevent one pawn from moving 4 b4 and something 5 c3 and something 6 d4 and something 7 f3 and something 8 g4 and something 9 h3 and something. Russian opening: grob variation: normal, 3 g4. Russian opening: grob variation: double grob. 3 g4 and g5. Last variation: Russian opening: bishop sacrifice gambit: bxb5 and axb5

  15. What if I lose my black bishob in the opening?

  16. Tell me how in the earth you can give the best guides existant in 10 minutes and with an AI voice. Can't thank you further

    Ps: thanks to your caro-kann video i'm reaching 1000 elo

  17. I love how he presents this with minimal theory, very intuitive

  18. Anyone know how to deal with white e4 c4 when playing caro kans defense?

  19. I think the added humor has actually helped me learn. From all your videos. <3

  20. "Time to destroy my opponents!"
    Gets black

  21. This is genuinely so entertaining to watch.

  22. 1:29 what if they push the b pawn attacking the knight that's bad

  23. hmmm why would black castle on 5:55, nex logical mowe would be bp g5 after what white bishop is to go g3 or knight takes pawn takes bishop takes and black castle is freed from corner

  24. 0:28 you said e4 was a bad move but can you make a guide to blackmar-diemar gambit anyway

  25. Your videos are simply awesome to lern opening its so easy and fast understandable, please make more opening videos as soon as possible❤

    Especially sicilian, dutch & french

  26. 0:40: I always like to go e3 instead of e4 in the QGA because if they defend with the c pawn, you could go queen to f3 and the rook is pretty much lost

  27. This is low key the best chess channel on YouTube. Please keep making videos. Aside from the comedy and unique style, your ability to communicate the missions for various pieces, the core principles of various openings and isolate phases is brilliant education! Keep up the high quality! Look forward to the next video!

  28. Yo this video was so good! I’m a QG player and this is gold

  29. 3:41 this looks like London now? I just came back from the London video and just reviewed this for another time ❤❤

  30. Ummmm… My opponent did reversed way to decline the queen's gambit

  31. What If The Knight's Pawn On The King's Side Goes Forward 2 Squares Attacking Your Bishop?

  32. In this position, black is in zugzwang. Because any white move will force checkmate. If Nd7 fork, Black is forced to take because if not, it's still checkmate. It Nf7+, then Rxf7, Bxf7, any black move and it's forced checkmate in two. Here's PGN from this video and timecode where I got this: 9:07. PGN: 5r1k/1b5n/4BnR1/3pN3/p2P4/1p2P3/P4P2/1K4R1 w – – 0 1.

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