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After teaching you the Jalalabad and the Vampire Gambit, I am back to teach you the Monkey’s Bum Chess Gambit. It is a good chess opening for beginners, intermediate, even advanced folks…

1. e4 g6 2. Bc4 Bg7 3. Qf3! e6 4. d4!? – and a set-up including Nbc3, Ne2, and so on.

0:00 Introduction and THEORY
6:06 GAME 1 – VS. 1176
9:18 GAME 2 -VS. 1242
15:40 GAME 3 – VS. 1311
20:11 GAME 4 – VS. 1620
29:35 GAME 5 – VS. 1814
32:48 GAME 6 – VS. 2020

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  1. I do like to play setups with my pawns on d6 and e5. From black’s perspective, I have a very simple rule: If white’s king Night does not go to f3, my pawn does not go to g6. This effectively cuts almost all the cheapo white will throw at you. Actually the bishop on e7 will play its role later in the game, and I personally think any player of modern opening should first have a fair understanding of the Philidor defence. Once you develop that understanding you will be able to appreciate subtleties of a wide range of openings including King’s Indian defence, Old Indian defence, Modern defence, and even the Italian opening with d3 just to name a few of them.

  2. Ok now even monkeys can bet me great

  3. "Don't show them your bum, you might go to jail." – You haven't seen my bum. If you did, you might go to heaven!

  4. I'm wondering if the guys who came up with this were English because "I'm/you're a monkey's bum" is quite a common saying here!!

  5. If this gambit works, I'm going to be Levy's chair 😩😩

  6. Plot twist: its actually named after a chess player got dumped and named it after the ex

  7. Plz my brother i love your chess vids but im worried about a medication it looks like u take to stay focused plz be safe and if yourne not talking ADD med i am sorry ive just seen a few vids that led me to that conclusion love you and hope you are well

  8. I wish people would ever play kings Indian so I could actually clap them with my monkeys bum.

  9. When the board looks like a treasure map, you know it’s over

  10. if this opening works im a monkeys bum means this opening is total trash and its losing dude dont you get it lol xd

  11. Hey Gotham… Such long videos 😴…. You do your best to make me watch till end … But 50:27 is tooo lengthy. …

  12. Levy when are we getting the Gibbedydoo Gambit video?

  13. Have you heard of Kangaroo defense? LOOL

  14. Something about playing a "Deferred Monkey's Bum" just sounds so much worse than playing a "Monkey's Bum" alone.

  15. As a Modern player I appreciate learning about this…but now I'm well prepared for it. After 4. d4 and Bxd4 5. Ne2 Bf6 6. Nc3 Nc6 7. Bf4 g5 8. Bg3 h5 9. h4 gxh4 Black is up over 1.6 and no problems at all. The Monkeys bum has crapped out…how-ever if I had not come across this video and learned about it, I can see how it could turn out crappy for black. I have looked at other variations of the MB and it's just not doing well at all…IF you are prepared. Shirov was not prepared.

  16. Fun fact: SaturnChessClub the legend has been banned for fair play.

  17. I used to love this opening back when i was young. Many people fall for the easy mate lol
    I mean sure they don’t know much about chess but still..

  18. It worked!
    … I guess you're a monkey's bum now!

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