The Magnus Carlsen Gambit

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  1. The fact is everyone can study any gambit and play it against their opponent but this… This gambit… I'm sure if anyone who plays this gambit is gonna be dead lost soon…
    This gambit needs magnus Carlsen
    Or this gambit ain't gonna work at all
    So simply,
    Just watch people getting burned down to ashes and do not play with fire 😊

  2. Funny this cheater series. As every cheater, he makes couple of random moves at the beginning… So typical and easy to spot. 😂

  3. 12:43 "Haaland the greatest player of all time"

    Ronaldo has left the chat

    Messi has left the chat

    Maradona has left the cat

    Pele has left the chat

    Neymar has left the chat


  4. maybe he just wants to play as if he were the "white" knowing he can give even 4/5 moves ahead to the opponent…

  5. You blunder a queen in opening and name after you. That's how you set a gambit. ❤😂

  6. Only problem with these types of videos that Discuss ideas and techniques, is that thousands of idiots (non GMs) follow up online, and they, for example, try an opening that you illustrated here on your channel, and when, generally after three moves, they realize the opponent isn’t providing the desired leverage they were hoping for, they abort, and abort, and abort, and abort, until they find an opponent who falls into their little trap they think they designed. Otherwise, I love these types of videos. Maybe you should add some sort of disclaimer (must be 1000 or above to try this successfully). Or something. I think last week or week prior you explained some type of bird opening, involved b3 as the opening move. I hopped online in the last few days for the first time in a bit, I literally had a half dozen people do b3 and then bailed after three moves. And it finally clicked…. Ohhhhhh yah. Gotham. Lol

  7. Didn't he play this gambit against hikaru not too long ago?

  8. i just did this gambit against my 1000 elo friend when im like 420 elo and i beat him :skull:

  9. the opponents. I dont even think theyre mad, but just laughing. like wtf just happened

  10. For the uneducated the first opening is called the transvestite opening.

  11. Queen walk in clash of clans? Nah get ready for king walk in chess

  12. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you lose and ask everybody to please remove your name from the game even though you were a GM and were playing the world champion.

  13. Second game was against Eric Hansen a 2600 Fide-rated player btw

  14. looks like those cheaters who throw the opening, and then turn on the engine, and then destroy others (also themselves later on) (ofc magnus isnt cheating)

  15. Haaland being mentioned in a chess video is peak🩵Norwegians domination in chess and football right now.

  16. I'm so proud that I can finally (at least partially) understand Magnus's moves

  17. So, Am i playing like Magnus, If I am also -3 on move 6?

  18. Game 3 was just a whole nother level of petty

  19. magnus levels of chess is what I strive to be in my job lmfao

  20. There‘s only one player who’s better than Magnus: Drunk Magnus

  21. U all made chess, as the game played with rule but it's not rule but your talent in the game that make u winner.

  22. the amount of shithousery this man is allowed to show is just the best thing since roy keane

  23. he is on another level he doesnt play chess for fun he plays it for the memes

  24. This is the best chess video I've ever seen. Hilarious!

  25. Looks like bam magera with sunglasses on.

  26. The Bongcloud has been both, scientifically and mathematically proven to be the most convincing and decisive opening for white. Levy doesn't know what he's talking about.

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