The Fastest Wins In Magnus Carlsen’s Career

These are The Fastest Wins In Magnus Carlsen’s Career


not ludwig 😉


  1. nobody is gonna respond to this guy lying about the amount of time it takes? every move ended adds a couple seconds back to the clock so all this mumbling is Bullshit.

  2. God bless ❤ Praise be to Jesus our Lord and Savior

  3. Retreat is a concept foreign to Bill Gates. This only works with overwhelming force.

  4. When I was a kid back in the 70s i learned chess notation. Like queens bishop to queens rook 5. What's with this E-4 stuff?

  5. @Classical – By the way the thumbnail wallpaper you put on this video stating 6.17 seconds against Vidit Gujarati was Fastest game of draw.
    Its really stupid to think that the whole is as stupid like yourself. 😉

  6. Bill Gates is a beta male who only has his fortune by stealing other people's ideas, he is not a genius he is a thief and a con man.

  7. Dont worry bill gates will get him next time ,,not in chess but his vaccines ,,checkmate..

  8. What is it with the first match clock. Staring at 3:02 and then going up and down. Are there seconds added?

  9. This is why Norway is superior. Our homeland shall be deemed worthy someday

  10. 5:00 This is the programmer who thinks he's so smart that he should control you and the world's destiny.

  11. Seems like opponents thinking just sinks them further into Magnus' traps.

  12. Sergei probably too busy thinking of the flowers he was going to pick out for Putin.

  13. Drinking game: take a shot every time this video says the name "Magnus"

  14. No offense intended, but whoever edited this video should give the money back and seek a new line of work.

  15. Bro pronounces pawn as porn😂😂lol 😂😂😂

  16. Magnus is the greatest chess player i know yet.He inspired me to play and do my best in chess.I keep practicing and actually be a great chess player too.

  17. I think Bill Gates used the Epstein open

  18. Hi guys I am a nobody somewhere in Africa , but I'm not impressed. Please help arrange a game for me against this guy. I honestly think I can take this guy

  19. It wasn't a win against VD. It was a draw through mutual agreement.

  20. 4:57 "the position is completely lost"
    do research next time bud if Gates makes the right move (moving the rook out) then its +3 for white

  21. 5:00 Actually winning for white, but Magnus knows that Bill is a new player and decides to set up traps instead of playing how he normally does.

  22. Why did the last guy move his queen there and didn't take the bishop?

  23. it's not a "free pawn" when your knight taking it is captured !

  24. Great video, just wanted to say that bill gates isn't the richest man alive, actually not even top 5. At the moment, the richest person tends to fluxuate between Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault. Figured I would just say in case anyone was interested.

  25. I think Chuck Norris can beat Magnus…twice…with one move

  26. The clock resets to 3 minutes every time you hit the button.

  27. just want to tell you Jesus can save us all he can fill that empty spot in our life he save me now am free❤️✝️

  28. Wtf of editing, stop moving the board around.

  29. You think Bill Gates is the richest man alive? Wow you need to do some research.

  30. This man is a beast. I love watching him play , its truly amazing.

  31. @ 5:11 Magnus beating a guy whoose rating maybe less than 800. what does that proves ??

  32. 5:14 Bill Gates hasn’t been the richest man in the world since 2010

  33. Game in the thumbnail is not in the video!

  34. Him playing Bill Gates is just money. There's no challenge for Magnus there. Of course, it's a short battle.

  35. anyone: castles
    magnus: i'm about to ruin this man's whole career

  36. Them and me they said it was the white man

    I should fear public verrader it's my matics calcula

    Wonderfull ha isn't it

  37. Does anyone know what the point of the clock is? It doesn't seem to have any relevance to the game of Chess.

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