The Englund Gambit | Mainline and Traps | Chess Openings | Gambits | IM Andrey Ostrovskiy

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In this video, IM Andrey Ostrovskiy is sharing with you the Englund Gambit, which is nowadays a rarely played opening. It starts with the moves:

1.d4 e5

after 1…e5, black is offering a pawn and is aiming to bring out the queen early on to start an attack on the queen side. After 2.dxe5 Nc6 3.Nf3 Qe7 4.Bf4 Qb4+ white needs to play carefully as black has set some traps that white needs to be aware of. If white avoids all the traps then white gets a very convincing positional advantage and therefore the Englund Gambit isn’t an opening that is recommended for black to play.

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  1. watch stockfish playing the gambit perfectly dude

  2. Hi sir can you give me personally training online I am from India

  3. Personally, I would really like a digital board in this video as keeping track of the moves is hard.

  4. Very great explanation and it's a amazing gambit… Hope to see more such firing gambits in future 😎✌

  5. 1.d4 e5 is quite an unsound opening. Black has various possibilities at his disposal, but none of them seems to be sufficient to get anything like compensation for the pawn he has sacrificed or any serious chances of equality. It's no wonder that this gambit is practically never seen nowadays at any more or less elevated level of chess.

  6. Dude, thanks, really, I started playing d4 recently and this trashy Gambit had me on my nerves, just looking at it I knew that it was garbage and I should be better, but I kept falling for those traps. Thanks to you, I'll never lose to this crap ever again. Thank, thank, thank you very much

  7. the second variation has been imrpoved by GM Hambleton with a queen sac! after Bb4 Rb1 and Qxc3!? Bxc3 Bxc3+ Nd2 and Bxe5, in this position black has two minor pieces and a central pawn for a queen and with accurate play you may expierience a really tough battle as white. Black main plan is to push those pawns from the queen side and even if engine will show you that white is +3 it is not necessairly the truth. Just play active push those pawns and black should have a decent game.
    So I dont really know if there is actually one variation after which you can say I have advantage as white against that dubious gambit.

  8. Love tihs! Stright to the case. No blabla.

  9. Thanks for this video. I've messed this one up quite a few times by moving the bishop to C3 instead of the knight but finally nailed it and got a quick win.

  10. What if white plays 5.Nc3 instead of Bd2 ( Queen will take bishop then Nd5 and Black's rook will be gone)
    Please please explain this variation 🙏

  11. what do you do if they play f4 to defend instead of bringing out their knight

  12. I've been using Englund gambit for d4 move everytime, and i like my position later coz white gets confused and gets messed up. But after watching this video, it seemed like there's a lot of ways for black to lose. I'm confused if england gambit is worth for serious use.

  13. Good thing in your video is that u come straight to the point without waisting time ☺

  14. Great video! I actually really like the physical board. Also, I love how easily this gambit is refuted. Had it come up a couple times in online play and manage to come out okayish, but not great. Now, I'm hoping it comes up again.

  15. No bullshit, just explaining the moves without any waste of time…perfect 👍

  16. Your videos are crisp, in-depth, and precise. I recently developed an interest in chess and have learnt a lot from several of your videos. Thank you for the great work, I wish you all the best!

  17. A concise yet comprehensive video. Thanks!

  18. after qb4 there´s an interesting line: Nc3 Qxf4 Nd5! check it out, i beat englund players with it all the time!

  19. Is Englund a last name? It makes me mad that it’s not England

  20. What to do if white defended the pawn on e5 with f4?

  21. After 4.Qb4
    There is a line 5.Nc3 and sac the bishop then go Nd5.. That's a bit of a long line that gives white an advantage

    There is also another one after 6.Bb4 then white rook goes to b1, you take the knight with the queen for two pieces and keep the knight pinned.. Black loses material but white will need a few moves to develop

  22. Hi Andrey, thanks for your insightful, well-paced and comprehensive videos. I agree that a digital board is visually helpful. That being said, I do appreciate the practice for future OTB tournaments. As a request, I was curious if you could you do a video on the difference between the Colle system (reining the dark-squared bishop in with an early e3) vs developing the bishop to g5 or f4? What are their attacking ideas and primary goals. Much appreciated.

  23. how about

    d4 e5
    dxe5 Bc5
    Nf3 e6
    dxe6 Ne7

  24. Please remake with a digital board…I really wanna watch this!

  25. Very appreciated 😌. You are right, this gambit is quite dubious. Eventhought I actually lost two games yesterday. Still reason for that was only my panic, nothing else.

  26. Great video….I’m tired of falling for traps in this trashy gambit in rapid chess…..I’ll be ready next time!

  27. Come here cause started to play d4 recently and suddenly was defeated with this trash! Thank u!

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