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  1. At 7:50 you mentioned that d4 was shutting down e5 but the e pawn is pinned

  2. Magnus carlsen see this video says levie I'll take you up on the egg

  3. I came up with the accelerated egg e3. e5. g4.

  4. as a player playing polish with white and modern/weird scandinavian with black i think i wont try this unless my brother will accept over the board game

  5. Please make a video of you playing The Chad, White’s opening moves shall be using the pawns on C, H, A and D files.

  6. the first game, as another commenter suggested, should be "Egg Opening: Scrambled Variation"
    the second game should be the "Delayed Egg Opening"
    the third game is just the "Egg Opening" (thank god)
    1.e4 e6 2. d4 g3 3. Nc3 f4 4. dxf4 gxf4 should be known as the "Egg Gambit"
    openings which move the b e and g pawns should be the "Boiled Egg Opening", maybe fianchettoing both bishops?
    openings in which the g pawn is taken by knight or bishop should be known as "Egg Opening: Poached Variation"
    i also think there should be an e3 g3 Bg2 called "Bishop's Egg Opening" (fuck the Van't Kruijs)
    let me know if theres any i should add the the list ⬇

  7. combine with the fried liver for the fried egg🍳

  8. isn't the egg with black totally contered by long castle ? i mean, in the 2cnd game, we see that the egg allows us to lauch a big pawn attack on the kingside, but the otherside is left almost untouched

  9. Next EDGE
    E3 D3 G3 E4
    E6 D6 G6 E7

  10. looks similar to some polish positions that i've stumbled upon in my random games, and I kind of like the polish.

  11. So if E6-G6-G5 is the Egg, is E5 G5 G4 the Extra-Large Egg?

  12. Levy underestimates us 700-900 elo players we can see moves that most miss and even evaluate them faster than seen in these videos like I’m two steps ahead

  13. genuin question, why push the pawn on g twice instead of just sending it to g4 when possible and calling the opening an eg

  14. every time i did this opening i won lol and i dont even think I played it right

  15. “The egg opening, scrambled variation”
    “The egg opening, fried variation”
    “The egg opening, hard boiled variation”

  16. I feel like you really loved this opening and making this video. You were on fire with helping us. Thank you Levi you are my favorite!

  17. I would like to see egg vs cow opening

  18. Funny thing is right beside this vid i saw a kurzgesagt vid bout an EGG

  19. The egg opening requires the wisdom of all people who ever existed in the world.

  20. This video made me hungry. It’s a shame it’s 12am

  21. That’s why we collecting eggs in deltarune! Everything is coming together

  22. Just realized playing against the 1200 levy didn't even develop anything on the other side of the board

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