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  1. Okay I'll bite…what makes the egg better than the eg (2. g4 when white)? Why take 2 moves to get the pawn to g4?

  2. The only chess YouTuber with four million subscribers and he still can’t play chess

  3. Scrambled, Poached, Sunny-side up, Overeasy, Omelette, Fried, Frittata, Quiche and McMuffin variants coming soon.

  4. Aww man you're not beating Anna's cow sorry 😂

  5. Ahh yes emotional damage and sicological damage lol

  6. When will we get a chessly course on the egg?

  7. Levy is looking incredible in the latest videos like health wise

  8. Finally an opening as good as Northern Lion

  9. Clash of Titans of the century: The egg vs The cow openings.

    Who shall win? Let's find out!

    Upvote if you want to see an egg vs cow opening in action.

  10. No cap the egg opening looks good Im going to use it thank you Levy

  11. I was so confused because i clicked on this thinking it was a Vsauce thumbnail

  12. I’m ready for magnus to start playing the egg in pro tournaments and beat gms like it’s nothing😂

  13. Ahh yes this reminds me of The Chad, c.3, h.4, a.4, and finally a devastating d.4!

  14. Watch Magnus play this at his next tournament

  15. Literally waiting for this canon event

  16. First the cow. Now the egg. I love where chess is right now 😂

  17. First time I tried the egg dude immediately fianchetto’s the bishop and takes my rook on the third move. So ya, a little bit of a handicap, you could say

  18. I just played the egg, and it did suit my style, so goood

  19. The Egg was invented by Grandmaster Gregory Hirsch. So it be, so it is.

  20. Gotham, regardless of the title of your videos or whatsoever content they contain, I’ll always click it and know with a 100% guarantee that I will be entertained

  21. Might be a stupid question and I know this isn't really a serious opening but what's the point of playing g3 and then g4 instead of g4 immediately? Is it literally just because the word "egg" has two gs?

  22. A big center egg. An omelette? Maybe.😂

  23. "Magnus Carlson plays THE EGG!!! Hikaru then SCRAMBLES TO FIND A MOVE"

  24. do u know the century egg opening it is the chinese variant and the knights are together as they are trying to eat egg

  25. This is a very good way to learn tactics. Keep playing it, Black or White, and the learning of opportunities will bloom.

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