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  1. egglord has spoken that this technique is eggproved

  2. Almost Monty Python level!!! 🙂 LOVE IT!!!

  3. Levy really wanted multiple games with the egg gambit but as far as I’m concerned one egg is un œuf

  4. The big center established by playing the egg should be called the yolk

  5. This has to be one of the openings of all time

  6. я подаю в суд международный

  7. Thank you for inspiring me, I shall now attempt the AAAAAA opening.

  8. Bro, PLEASE Do The ✨Chad✨ Gambit It's HILARIOUS 😂

  9. On a serious level is this an indirect diss on anna😅😂

  10. I came up with the “Accelerated Egg Opening”: 1. e3 e5 2. g4. You could play the Chick-Fil-A Countergambit, f5, or Nf6 h3.

  11. 🙃Depending on your perspective, unsliced bread is either a potential sandwich… or a purposeless lump of baked dough.

  12. 2 months late to watch the video, played egg gambit as white right (1000 elo) now after watching it.

    The opening was in advantage of the black (-2) and I struggled in a slightly losing position in middle game, but then exchanged everything and won the bishop and 3 pawns vs 5 pawns.

    Good stuff, never playing it again haha

  13. I'm afraid of saying something obvious, but isn't the Egg supposed to be E4 G5 G6?

  14. it's the same as EG no ? why use two one-square move for G pawn?

  15. I just lost 200 bullet elo doing this levy

  16. dayymm why does this opening actually work for me!!!

  17. I love using the egg because nobody knows what I’m doing💀

  18. Can anybody explain why not to put the pawn on g4 on the move two instead move three????????????????!!!!!!!!!😫😫

  19. If you’re white and they do E5 as first move, what’s the point of G3 before G4? What good would that do, instead of going directly to G4? Their bishop would still be blocked by their pawn, so they couldn’t attack it anyways.🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. 9:58 actual foutage of Levy saying saying he could blunder into stalemate.

  21. As someone more familiar with the Magic: the Gathering scene than chess, I am pleasantly surprise there is something universal about naming strategies after foodstuffs.

  22. Was kinda wondering if this video was gonna be about Northernlion

  23. Next cabbage opening, stockfish would disagree

  24. Somehow I’ve won 7 games in a row with the egg lmao

  25. This video has inspired me to create the "Bad variation" of the Polish opening. b4, a3, d3. "Bad". Played it in a few games and can confirm that it is true to its name.😛

  26. If tSo EGG opening is there also a DEAF opening?

  27. Nicely played Levi. Though only one of your opponents let you play the egg, ALL THREE OF THEM left with egg on face.

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