The Dirtiest, Most Successful Chess Opening Trap! BS Gambit

Deliver a smothered checkmate in only seven moves with the “BS Gambit,” probably the dirtiest and most successful chess opening trap!

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  1. Disclaimer im new to chess

    Why can rook only move to f1 couldnt king eat the queen

  2. It never works, they just take the knight

  3. What if he moves queen e2 instead of bishop e2 in the second last move

  4. Thanks .My daughter used this trap to win a older opponent today at a tournament .

  5. If white blocks with the queen instead, what is the best play?

  6. Even before I knew the theory I always took the knight and everytime I've seen someone use it at any level no one takes the pawn 💀

  7. What if the white knight take the black knight

  8. bro showed us how to lose to the gambit smh

  9. Maybe this works against greedy players in a short time control? If the black pieces play 3… Nd4 against me, my first thought would be to play 4. Nxd4. Then if 4… exd4, I would play 5. c3.

    BTW, I would think of playing like that because I liked to play the Ruy López as a beginner and I would frequently encounter Bird’s Defense. There, Nxd4 often makes sense to me to keep the light-squared Bishop.

  10. They always move the bishop instead of the knight what do u do

  11. U can still eat the knight with your bishop as a white, then threat the black queen so i don't get why this would be a checkmate, i mean yeah u got to check but that wasn't a checkmate

  12. My opponent: play nd4
    Me: ohh I hate his knight is close I know Wut I’ll take his knight with my knight

  13. The shilling kostic is even dirtier

  14. Bishop takes f7 After Kd4 is destroying black king safety and gaining full center, even with serious mate chances if white throw also his knight After Kxf7 Nxe5 Ke6 c3 Kxe5 Qh5 Ke6 cxd4

  15. Every freaking move in the board will be blunder for me😑

  16. Big mistake, resign now, they can't save it

  17. This is my favorite trap and it works most of the time 🤣

  18. I don't know that Benzema makes chess vedeos

  19. Thats Blackburne-Kostić Gambit.. with 3…Nd4 Black violates an opening principle by again moving his knight but with a little luck, it might work… White usually answers with Nxd4 or like here with Nxe5. White's first mistake is in the fifth move, when he greedily plays Nxf7 instead of the more correct 5. O-O. Even 6. Rf1, although overwhelmingly the most common defense, is not the best choice (6. Ng5 is). And logically 7. Be2 instead of 7. Qe2 is also a blunder. So the whole thing requires three blunders by white to work.

  20. Whats stopping white from just taking your knight instead? Sure, he'll lose a knight but so will you

  21. "You HAVE to know this, here's the moves it staaaarts with"

  22. After Qg5, Kg4 with the support of the white Q

  23. I just destroyed this trap an hour ago

  24. does this still work or is it already patcht?

  25. Yes, Sam. But this also is very well known!

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