The Chess GAMBITS Tier List ft. Hikaru Nakamura

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Hikaru Nakamura and Mr. GothamChess attempt a Tier List (tiermaker) of chess openings, with a focus on chess gambits. The tier list of chess openings is designed for beginners and intermediate level players. Featured are Eric Rosen’s Stafford Gambit, Nakhmanson, and others.

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Albin Countergambit
4:59 Alekhines Gambit
8:25 Belgrade Gambit
10:55 Benko Gambit
12:45 Blackburne Schilling
15:07 Blackmar Diemer
17:02 Budapest Gambit
20:01 Danish Gambit
22:32 Elephant Gambit
25:13 Englund Gambit
28:06 Evans Gambit
30:18 From Gambit
33:43 Halloween Gambit
36:50 Icelandic Gambit
39:47 Jaenisch Gambit
43:02 Kings Gambit
45:23 Kloosterboer
47:58 Latvian
50:26 Lisistyn Gambit
55:21 Milner Barry Gambit
58:36 Nakhmanson
1:02:03 Orthoschnapp
1:04:53 Portuguese
1:06:48 Queens Gambit
1:07:48 Scotch Gambit
1:10:26 Smith Morra
1:12:26 Stafford Gambit
1:15:35 Staunton
1:21:08 Tennison
1:23:52 Urusov
1:25:29 Vienna Gambit
1:30:41 Wing Gambit

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  1. I play the Dutch Defense Fienchetto Leningrad as a 750 is this bad? I only play it on black

  2. 2:42 why doesn’t king move to f2 instead of e2 is there something I’m not seeing ????

  3. I still call the knight “horse” and rook “castle” 😭👍

  4. The guy in chat saying „Beograd gambit is when you bomb Sarajevo“ had me in tears bruh 😂 wtf man?

  5. GM Gawd: "I don't see the point of this gambit"

    Gambit. Is. *TRASH*.

  6. I love the kings gambit at 800, people will usually take the gambit and I love that open file the rook gets because of it

  7. 8:10 The city Belgrade is the capitol of Serbia, and in English it is pronounced the way Hikaru says it (at least like 90% of the time), but indeed, in Serbian, you pretty much pronounce it like Levy did, except that it's Beograd instead of Belgrad ^^

    the video was amazing and really helpful too

  8. 24:49 "Those are, like, people. Those are not elephants." BEST. OBSERVATION. EVER.

  9. in the 1st countergambit, why doesn´t white kill the pawn with the king before promiting to a knight?

  10. All the unstoppable openings are white. I came here for a black opening.

  11. I'm 400 rated but I beat the 1000 and 1100 1st try. I'm pretty sure those bots aren't actually 1000 elo

  12. As white I actualy really like to play the queens gambit. It often gives me a quick advantage as people don't know how to counter it. And even if they do I'm pretty used to the positions it creates.

  13. 8:36

    well it's beograd in serbian, so in theory it should be beograd or at least belgrad, But it's belgrade coz english moment

  14. I won my first game today with the alekine and sea cadet gambit

  15. 1:37 Can’t believe white let his king get pinned to the queen like that

  16. I do wonder if the botez gambit is unstoppable or not

  17. Kinda sad that I never see my favorite gambit, the Blackmar Diemer Gambit, in these styles of videos.

  18. Me who is a 870 : ohh woww that's such a good gambit!
    Also me : Let's play normal chess 😀

  19. It’s BelgRAID. It’s Yugoslavia/Serbia

    I grew up in Belgrade Montana.

  20. My favorite gambits are 1. e4 g6 2. Qh5 and 1. e4 f5 2. Qg4

  21. Thanks Levy, I have never learned an opening before, thinking people at my rating don't use gambits and openings. Well, I decided I should probably learn a good opening. I learned the Evans Gambit this morning, and it just worked flawlessly. After studying all day, I played and got checkmate in 12 moves thanks to you, Hikaru, and some wikipedia pages. I cannot thank you enough for making the great content that you do.

  22. I pulled the Rosen Gambit on someone before lmao

  23. I play the King’s Gambit as a 500-600 blitz player and have only faced the mainline of the King’s Gambit once, most people play the Queen’s Knight defense which leads to a good position with a big center for me, and as a result of that I haven’t yet figured out how to attack with it so I lose when people find a way past the good (at least in my practice) defensive positions after the knight defense

  24. The danish gambit seems really fun but most of my oponents dont go for it cos they think ill capture whit the queen so they just dont go for it lol

  25. I prefer the Mugger's Gambit. You start the game with a pawn to A6 as black, then pull your pistol out and demand a resignation.

  26. Hikaru ranking Gambits
    Also hikaru : opening doesn't matter

  27. Man I'm watching this in 2023 and I hear Steven Adams and they are talking about him being on the the thunder and pelicans and I'm like bruh he on the Grizzlies lol but this was a year ago lol so I'm stoopid

  28. What happened to blammerfield countergambit??
    Or Winawer countergambit?

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