THE BEST Opening For Black Against 1.d4 | Benko Gambit | Chess Opening Explained

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In today’s video I will teach you the best opening for black against 1.d4 where you will be play to win – I am talking about the Benko Gambit. According to Garry Kasparov – it’s the best gambit opening in chess out of all gambits. You will have no weaknesses and set-up a lot of opening traps and tricks to win fast.

The Benko Gambit, also known as the Volga Gambit, is an opening that branches out of the Benoni Defense, in which black quickly gives up his b5 pawn, thus trying to weaken white’s central control and develop the initiative very early on in the game.


  1. I like the concept of an immediate c5. I have been playing around with that myself. An interesting response to dxc5 is b6, cxb6, Qxc6. The Cormorant gambit. Would be interesting to get your thoughts on that. But I have found it throws people right out of their comfort zone.

  2. Plz explain full benko what's a plan black ofter a4 then Nb4??

  3. As a begginer, Would it be logical to have a solid system, say the London, and a gambit ready with both sides or just continue to learn lines with your solid systems? Thanks K 😉

  4. thanks for the benko gambit, loved it! please make a video on the old benoni, i feel it’s too underrated at lower levels.

  5. Can you please explain why 1.c3 is not followed by 2.xc3? Why doesn’t the white pawn take c3?

  6. c5 the Old Benoni if you want to play the Benko because you allow white too many choices with Nf6.

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