The Best Chess Openings Book for Anyone Under 1800 – Best Chess Book for Beginners and Intermediate

✔️Fundamental Chess Openings(FCO)

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In this video I will explain why I think Fundamental Chess Openings (FCO) is the best chess Opening book you can buy. It covers all chess openings, Sicilian, Queen’s Gambit, Fried Liver Attack, Evan’s Gambit, and so many more. Chess Openings are one of the most popular phases of the game to study, but many players don’t know how to approach learning chess openings. One of the best ways to start with the chess opening, is to get a good chess openings book like FCO. It goes into enough detail that you will be prepared in any opening, but it is not too overwhelming that beginners can’t use it. It’s by far the best Openings reference guide I have ever had for a chess book. and amazon links are affiliate links.


  1. I just got the book Modern Chess Openings 15th edition and I was super happy excited to read it but it's a little confusing and I read a comment on a different site that said this is a bad book and won't help me improve. I have seen a few of your videos but I haven't seen you talk about this book, but I trust your opinion, should I think about getting FCO as well? I am still pretty new to chess and I want an in depth book about openings, history and theories on all the openings.

  2. I can get the book for free(ebooks) 🗿🗿🗿

  3. Thanks man! The book really helped me even though i didn't study all of it but i am still studying it, and my rating is just raising thankfully

  4. Youtube can be a fun way to learn some things (like your vids), but comprehensive books written by strong, talented teachers are better overall. They're the next best thing to having a personal coach, and not many people can afford that.

  5. As a beginner, can I just go and pick one opening (let's say Caro-Kann) and read it, or would I need to read the book sequentially and at least pick up the basic (most simple) openings first until I get to more Complex openings.

  6. Just wanna say.. i like the thumbnail

  7. Thank you for recommending it Sir. I've been thinking of getting it for awhile.

  8. Very good content in this channel. I came here by searching how to break the 1500 rating and I found so awesome content.

    There is one video I would love to see is how to learn all that damn openings and defences and all that variations. Or do I have to learn all of it if my goal is not a 2000 rating?
    How should I read an opening book? I mean how much time I should dedicate to an opening to learn? Is it enough just reading and trying it on a board or should I like to play it for a week to understand completely?

    Another difficulty I’m having is to play a defiance to learn it, but in online games it’s like 1 of 10 games is the game I can use the defense I just learned.

    I think those questions has a lot of players like me, and will love to see a video about this topic.

  9. Thanks for the tip, and for your great videos. You explain things so clearly and I’m learning so much. Now if you could just recommend a book on how to stop blundering…

  10. I would like to know your opinion on the idea that any player with an elo of somewhere below 1000, or maybe even below 1500, should not put in that much effort into learning openings. That below 1500, you cannot memorize your way to success. Instead, I have seen YT chess video where it is suggested that players who want to improve, should just find an easy to play opening that will get you into a playable middle game. If you have even a slight negative position it does not matter, because you can win in the middle game with superior tactics and positional play. Therefore, spend a minimal amount of time learning openings, and a lot of time improving your tactics and positional play. And I would add – in 10 minute games, work on exercises to train your mind to think faster to see a sound playable move, that could improve your position.

  11. I learned one opening with white and one for both but primary black

  12. My first chess book i
    Was chess for dummies but I am going to buy another one soon

  13. Such a useful video, thanks Nelson. I'm ordering the FCO book. Do you have a UK link so you get your cut?

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