The 10 Best Chess Plans For The Middlegame – Chess Strategy For The Middlegame – Midgame Strategy

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About This Video:

The top 10 best chess plans for the middlegame. After the opening, one of the biggest problems beginners and intermediate players have is what to do next. In this video I go over several examples of types of chess plans and strategies that you can use in your next game!


  1. At 1:07 of video he should have said "when there are too many PAWNS (not pieces) blocking them off"

  2. Is it possible to file pgn

    Publish as well

  3. thanks i was stuck on what a pawn storm was

  4. Always educational watching his videos. Great stuff and thanks.

  5. 8:13 but what about simply Bxe7, then after they take back BOOM! outpost

  6. I do decent at the opening although most of the time lose a bit of advantage. I get tunnel visioned very often in the middle game and mess up pretty often. But If I somehow manage to survive with equal material and fairly equal position. I most of the time win the game. So I just pray and hope To somehow get to the Endgame

  7. Any ideas on the late-middle or early-end game? I find it hard when most minor pieces are traded off in an open position and players are shuffling their queen and rooks around searching for a plan while defending.

  8. a great book on this is 'how to reassess your chess' which teaches you to identify the <imbalances> in the position and make them work for you. you have a bishop and they have a knight? exchange pawns to open up the position. they have attacking chances but you have better pawn structure? try to exchange off pieces, play defensively, and make it to the endgame. etc

  9. Great video… it really helped with the middlegame and the outcome of my game was very satisfying.

  10. 1:27 — also a beautiful example of a "Zwischenzug", isn't it?

  11. very informative and useful tips to apply in any game of chess 👍

  12. My games usually go
    Opening like a gm
    Middle game lik worstfish
    Endgame like a 2000 (but the middle game just makes me lose)

  13. I got my first brilliant after watching this vid……. just shows how good this video is xd.
    thank you NM Nelson Lopez !

  14. No one
    Black this whole video- R O O K D A N C E

  15. Always scan the board for vulnerabilities, watch out for pins, look for forks and pins yourself, and try to push pawns to promote, pushing pawns always puts pressure on your opponent and forces them to focus on blocking the pawn.

  16. at 11:11 I've seen this knight-bishop trade in English opening often, but I don't know why they take with the D-pawn instead of with the B-pawn – that contradicts one of the main principles to take with pawn toward the center.
    But when shown in a video like this usually the subject is different and so I've never heard why it's accepted.
    Does anyone know?

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  18. I am a 11 year old chess noob just starting out and the idea of the battery is so cool to know now. Now I can beat my dad😂😂

  19. Hey if you are reading this, there is a mistake at 8:18 if you move the horse to a5 the bishop at g5 will take the pawn and gets a better position make it much more aggressive

  20. I have been playing chess for 60 years and never knew any of these plans, although I stumble into some. My 2 sons have started to beat me , so maybe this will give me an edge, for a month or so.

  21. Does the Middle Game start at the castling of the King if that happens?

  22. 8:00 why instead of hopping the knight around we don't trade off black's knight, if they capture by the queen, play a prfilactic a3 and hop our knight on the outpost. And if they capture by their other knight, then we think about the route for our f3 knight to the outpost?

  23. I once managed to completely lock my opponent's bishop and a rook, on their starting squares and the whole game here was technically playing down two pieces. And I eventuality managed to trap and capture his rook for free and then capture his stuck bishop by my king in the endgame.

  24. Really an amazing video! There are more videos on how to make a plan but no single one except this one clearly structures a number of plans to consider. You did an amazing job structuring that!

  25. Wow, I use nearly all of these and I still suck

  26. Why not take the knight on e7 with the bishop on g5, rather than moving the f3 knight four times?

  27. great video!! thanks so much. Exactly what I needed at 900 ELO

  28. Thank you so much for the lecture master Nelson.
    I particularly apply all these things almost in every game i play but still have difficulties on defending.

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