TENNISON GAMBIT | Do we play chess like this? #chess #shorts


  1. Y si con el peon se come al caballo y no la dama :v pierdes la partida.

  2. Am I gay? First I watched the game😢 Then noticed apples

  3. Stay strong brothers we mustn't falter from our battle

  4. Ya caería en todas las trampas…🤤

  5. Tremenda la partida.
    La bella cara de la blusa escotada.

    Gracias por enseñar y además poner colirio a los ojos🌹

  6. La pregunta en serio,, es porqué comenzando el hombre le regala un peón? Que despues ella ignora y él se le come el peón a ella….🤔

  7. Watch Sabo Pasha's videos and take example. Your content is bad. Of course, you should learn something from Sabo Pasha in terms of gameplay.

  8. I lost like that earlier and i quit chess

  9. Not a bad gambit! However had he taken the knight the game would have been flipped upside down!

  10. f6 is awfull (simple nf6 is better) and Bc4?? blunders a knight (nxg6! was better winning at least an exchange)

  11. На это можно смотреть вечно

  12. Lol bro just take knight and no check mate

  13. Ok so what were we supposed to look at… 👀…wait was it chess ?

  14. Just show the girl. Who cares about the game?

  15. Bruh won and lost at the same time..🗿

  16. But you can just take the knight and there is no attack bishop move is a blunder the best move is to take the pawn with the knight anyone above 1000 will take the knight

  17. Me be like
    I have seen this before😂😂😂

  18. G: “hey, that isn’t a legal move. That pice Doesn’t move like that.”
    B: 👀

  19. Sabo paşanın yediği tek gambit ama tahtada değil

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