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Many people who play chess as beginners, intermediate, or advanced level will get stuck at the game and not know how to improve. I took 4 examples of viewers and showed them how to improve openings, tactics, strategy, and general mental game to improve.

0:00 Intro
0:22 EXAMPLE 1 – RATED 750
3:02 EXAMPLE 2 – RATED 1250
7:45 EXAMPLE 3 – RATED 1600

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  1. Your advice is not only for chess, it is for life too. Thank you Levy!

  2. I'm stuck at 480
    User name: userninja
    Pls help @gotham!!

  3. I read „dont even think about studying openings unless you’re atleast a 1500 player“ constantly and here I see an IM recommend an 800 player to learn openings? I don’t even know what to believe anymore

  4. Why the fuxk do I win way more with black?

  5. Does anyone sometimes just want to rage quit a game

  6. Does anyone sometimes just want to rage quit a game

  7. I read if you suck, but then it was if u got stuck, nvm I do both 😀

  8. This is really outstanding advice. I have exactly the same behaviors as Ernest (described in the video) and having the advice for him reinforced (for myself) is really helpful. I know I need to stop playing compulsively: when I'm tired, when I'm not attentive, when I'm not focused — and I also need to stop grinding through puzzles when I'm in those states too. Thanks for this!!! I'll try to discipline myself to stick to fewer puzzles with more focus!

  9. I was 200 elo rating back then after that my rating sky rocketed

  10. What rating would you say someone STARTS to be a good chess player? 🙂 Is the rating this number on lichess?

  11. I just want to say, I saw this video twice, and both times it saved me

  12. Levy. You're exceptional at making content man. (–Just had to say it. You know it, we know it, but still—credit where it's due.) Great shit, man. Just great.

  13. So theoretically what if you’re too poor to buy a membership

  14. Thank you so much, Levy. I was doing a lot of the same things as the 1600, but I'm starting to see quantifiable improvement from your advice. Cut back on empty games, stopped rushing puzzles, and tuned up my openings. Man, it is wild. I feel like I'm spotting way more tactics, feeling confident throughout entire games start to finish, and my puzzle rating is way higher than it has ever been by a huge margin.

    I'm a 40 hr/week manager but finding times for good, focused practice daily. I have been stuck around 1600-1800 for about 5 years and suddenly I'm absolutely crushing at my level. Waiting for a new peak!

  15. How do you find tournaments for like a 17 year old that just started like 6 months Ago and is only 1000

  16. You hit home for me on one thing, how long I take to solve puzzles. I usually do 25 puzzles a day because I paid for the right to do so, and I never take more than a minute to solve them. My reasoning for this? I’m trying to develop the instinct for finding the right move. I’ve been climbing and climbing until I’ve hit a wall around 1900 and now my puzzle rating 1700. Since watching this video, I won’t make a move unless I’m 1000% sure of the move, mostly by process of elimination, and if I get one wrong I go back and study why it was wrong and why right was right. I miss playing chess in person because I miss the clock punching, notating moves, going through my mental checklist. All things I don’t do in rapid games.

  17. im a 500 and a play my openings excellent but in the midlle game i always blunder something

  18. I got several hundred elos during Corona by doing the following thing. I wonder why nobody seems to do that:

    I analyzed my games with Leela, understood my mistakes and a flash card for every mistake iff
    -I think I should have seen it
    (not some engine line)
    -If it made sense for humans (a "bad" move can still work perfectly against humans)
    -If that concept/general understanding will occur more often / has already occured
    -If it'll help me to be better by a reasonable amount compared to the other flash cards I have (study the most important stuff first)

    I then create Anki flash cards (screenshot + copy paste, extremely easy on Windows), I can choose how "well" I remembered an answer. If I don't like the flashcard I say I remembered it well so Anki won't show it again until in a few months or a year or so or if I changed my mind on how relevant it is to my improvement. That way I train the most important stuff and use my time in the best possible way.

    That way I also improved my repertoire. I only studied the moves I actually encountered in practice, I learnt "few" positions but it's very rare to encounter something completely new.

    It's kind of a magic pill to be honest (but still a lot of work)

  19. I’m going be honest with you, I found it hard to follow along and learn from you for some reason for awhile now. But, today after watching this video, things have changed, and this video is very informative and has helped me a lot! I thank you so much sir for all your effort and knowledge and time you spend putting these videos together!

  20. Make a video from 350 , it will be helpful for me .

  21. The highest rating from a bot that I can beat is 1100

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