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Many people who play chess as beginners, intermediate, or advanced level will get stuck at the game and not know how to improve. I took 4 examples of viewers and showed them how to improve openings, tactics, strategy, and general mental game to improve.

0:00 Intro
0:22 EXAMPLE 1 – RATED 750
3:02 EXAMPLE 2 – RATED 1250
7:45 EXAMPLE 3 – RATED 1600

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  1. so again i too am a student here and as for doing puzzles i can only do the free ones and i do them everyday sam with analysing so im basically being held back and i just started chess

  2. Holy cow If Magnus watched this video he is stuck at #1 But after watching this video he will ascend our puny human brains and become #0

  3. I’m not stuck but I’ve gone down like 120 up 200 down another 50 and then up another 100. Then I repeat

  4. stuck at the rating of 2 what are the thoughts

  5. WOW! Natural talent! Plus lots and lots of studying. 2000 at 12 years old is amazing! I'll never see 2000. I'm going to try for 1800.

  6. I got to 980 after 2 months of constant chess from beginner I was stuck at 300 for 1 month then I got to 900s thanks to this video thanks

  7. Great tips. I'm going to try doing more puzzles and try doing more research on openings.

  8. I'm Georgian and seeing Georgian in this video was awesome

  9. Go watch GothamChess, kind of a stupid guy but good content. This literally killed me.

  10. when he said just focus on one opening i started laughing cuz i choose my opening as if i'm doing online shopping lol

  11. You think you are teaching people to beat me, but just you wait, this info will make me grow sky high.

  12. I can beat a 1400 bot but I'm 600elo idk what to do

  13. GothamChess moment:He learned us the fryed liver
    Also GothamChess teaching how to destroy it💀

  14. how do i do more puzzles if i can do max 3 a day

  15. 6:44 I truly agree
    Using Danish and Vieena I reached 1200

  16. Anyone know why he doesn't sound like he's from Brooklyn at all? Sounds a lot like my European cousins' English and with similar mannerisms..

  17. It is not good to talk about yourself like that

  18. How are you going to get 15/15 puzzles right every day? Each day then you’re puzzle rating will go straight up, and the puzzles will get impossibly harder. The adaptive nature makes it very difficult to consistently do better than around 50%.

  19. Personally I use Italian for White and Pirc (usually czech variation) defense

  20. Im a struggling 900 i went from
    1013 to 943!

  21. Levy – U need to do 10 – 15 puzzles per day
    Me – What if I don't have premium and I can only do 1 – 3 puzzles per day

    Maybe I have to do puzzles in lichess

  22. Hi sir I love your all video I was 148 and now i am 564

  23. Sad that 1.3m people clicked on this

  24. 5 days ago my elo was 2566 and now 2346😢

  25. Omg this video is a gem!! Thanks for the game/life advise. !Really!

  26. What if I can't get gold membership or something and can only play 3 puzzles?

  27. Hi, can anyone please suggest me a good way to learn opening?

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