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Many people who play chess as beginners, intermediate, or advanced level will get stuck at the game and not know how to improve. I took 4 examples of viewers and showed them how to improve openings, tactics, strategy, and general mental game to improve.

0:00 Intro
0:22 EXAMPLE 1 – RATED 750
3:02 EXAMPLE 2 – RATED 1250
7:45 EXAMPLE 3 – RATED 1600

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  1. Is danish good because I straight up lose accuracy for playing it

  2. I'm stuck at 1600 rating and I keep playing with puzzles a little bit

  3. Personally I’m almost 1000 at puzzles while I’m 700 in rapid I can do only 3 puzzles daily due to not having premium but for a month I’ve been improving a lot

  4. hey gotham can you analyse my account plz i'm stuck at 1200-1250 since 8 month's
    as university student i dont know what to do as i dont have time for it luv from india

  5. I'm stuck at 450 elo and I can never go up, I lost my interest and I started to think of quitting chess.

  6. gotham do you reccommend the vienna for a 1000 level player

  7. Magnus really needs to see this video. He’s been stuck at #1 for years.

  8. I’m stuck on a chess plateau of 300 elo 😢 please help

  9. 13:16 true your life is chess to the point that you look like a bishop

  10. Just looking at statistics is so helpful I didn't realise it : 56% wr with White against 45% wr with black… Has to do something with my Scandinavian defense

  11. I wish I was stuck at chess but instead of being stuck I just keep getting worse. Lost 200 rating in the past month and it just keeps getting worse. Was almost 2100 a month ago and pretty soon I'm gonna be like 1500. I'm only 24 and already washed up

  12. If you guys are stuck and want a study plan (to reach 2000):

    60 mins of tactics

    30 mins to study chess openings

    50 mins to play and analyze

    30 mins to practice strategy

    10 mins to study GM games

  13. Rating 1011
    Age 13
    Class 7
    Stuck for 3 month

  14. My highest elo is 1002 but sadly it decreased into 764 ;-;

  15. He says the 1600 guy does too many puzzles yet he's doing less than 10 per day

  16. It’s funny how I hate playing as black yet it’s my higher win rate anyways

  17. What i got from this video is that in order to get better, i have to read a book😑😑

  18. this helped a ton. I was 700 and then i learned some opening and started doing more puzzles. now im 1100

  19. Oh I'm sorry. I thought this was the 'suck at chess' video. Can you please direct me there?

  20. just lose a lot. you'll get a different rating.

  21. guys I'm 400 ratedand I get 7 elo per win but I played on my 213 rated cousin's account and I got 143 elo per match and 500 rating how does this work can someone explain me please

  22. my puzzle rating is 2300 but im stuck at 450 elo

  23. see I dont really like these videos because they completely underestimate how bad I am

  24. What Pisses me off about chess is i thought it was all off the cuff but its not its just all about remembering openings and sequences very disappointing to say the least

  25. i got 100 to 500 in 1 month, is that usual or bad

  26. does no one realise he just said "watch gothamchess idk he is some stupid guy" when gotham chess is his own channel at 5:37

  27. What's the website name which tell you the win rate for every move????????

  28. I'm a 1051 but only know the Queen's Gambit and basic development

  29. hey i volunteer for a next video if you can help me with my stats, name waters_hot dont judge the name i was stupid when i made it

  30. "2 Games Max" But We Cant End On A Loss

  31. "You don't swim before you know how to swim" thank you Gotham, very inspiring.

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