Stafford Gambit Accepted

The Stafford Gambit derives from the Petrov Defense and starts with the moves 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Nxe5 Nc6

For timestamps:
Accepted lines
e5 1:30
defend d4 2:00
defend d3 4:02
defend Nd4 6:20
d3 9:10
defend Bg5 10:24
after Nxe4
attack Bxd8 10:48
defend Be3 11:18
attack dxe4 12:06
Nc3 12:50
defend Be2 13:30
defend Bc4 14:05

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  1. At 7:25 why would they not take queen and take knight . Of course they will take queen with pawn and if black knight take queen then white king easily capture that knight and become one material up

  2. I just played it but my opponent replied with pawn f2 to f3. Any advice from it? I followed with bishop to C5, they played bishop to C4, then I played queen to D4. Is there a better move?

  3. "The best option is.. but that's not going to work as well your opponent is f*cked either way…"

  4. What I face most now is d3 and after Bc5, Be2 or h3, preventing knight going to g4. I know I have to throw in h5 somewhere but how to continue attacking?

    Unfortunatly you didn't show any Be2 or h3 lines.

  5. In the e5 line, the video neglects to mention (after Black plays Qh4) that White can play Nxe4, and White should be fine after Black plays Qxe4 inviting White's response Qe2. Black moves its Q, and White plays c3 intending d4 to protect the e5 pawn and solidify White's position.

  6. If, in the line outlined in my above comment, after White plays Qe2, Black plays Qxc2, White plays Qd3 and if Black then plays Qc5 or Qa4 then White plays. Nf3.

  7. Hi! There's a scenario I ran into that you didn't discuss; i was hoping to get your thoughts. If white accepts the gambit then brings a pawn to d3. Then black brings the bishop out, as you suggest, can't white just bring pawn to h3?

  8. Someone told me I should check this out because I did some of it by during a game by accident

  9. What if white plays f3 after black plays Ne4?

  10. Hit like if you're here from Samay's stream to decipher Gf reveal

  11. I think this is the best tricks i ever played won around 150 players with this and won a lot of tournaments tq bro

  12. What about 4…dxc 5.d3 Bc5 6.Be2 how would you proceed as black? A buddy ran into this and we had trouble finding the best course of play

  13. After 2.10 what if white play queen to F3?

  14. At the start when the F6 knight is attacked and goes to E4 I think the best move for white is to be aggressive and move the queen to F3

  15. I tried this opening twice and I got the queen easily on my second attempt and checkmated my opponent. I was surprised he still wanted to continue after I took the queen

  16. 7:39: couldn't the opponent move queen F3 attacking your Knight?

  17. What should Black do after 6.Be2 ? (Stopping Ng4)?

  18. Watching your channel has improved my play in 2 days went from 1413 to 1521 your a good explainer n thank you 👍👍

  19. In the line shown at 2:10, what should be black's response if white moves Qf3?
    Also, what if white's fifth move (at 0:55) is pawn to f3? I thought black's best response is to move the knight Nh5, but then white responds with g3. What should be black's response now? I tried thinking of many options to deal with these situations and maintain the advantage but couldn't come up with anything good 🤔

  20. What happens if after Bc5 then white plays h3?

  21. At 13:35 he says queen to d2 but it's really queen to d4*. Almost perfect tutorial! Thanks for the info. I input all of these moves into chess position trainer to study them all once. Very helpful.

  22. In the Nc3 variation, white doesn't have to play g3 to attack the queen. He can just capture the e4 knight and eliminate the threat of Qxf2

  23. BS gambit. I win almost every time against it. The key moves for me as white are 5.Nc3 Bc5 6. h3! . It’s over +2 already. Just play a few more moves carefully and you are nicely into an endgame with unstoppable central pawn majority. Don’t try it at a serious level

  24. what happens when they take out bishop to D4. waste of time video

  25. You forgot one variation where it doesn't work again…

  26. What we're the odds that the game immediately watching this video, my opponent tried played the Stafford against me 😁

  27. What hapens on 3.17 after pawn f6 pawn g3 queen is trap do you have any sugestions? Thx

  28. 2:40 after white king moves out of the way theres a pretty cool line with Bg2 and if black gets a little greedy they might take the pawn and lose the queen to Bxc6 check discovered attack on the queen

  29. The best chess guides on YouTube by FAR. Not only do you not go off into meaningless chat, but you also add the notation in the video description along with critical move time stamps. Thank you so much for all your effort- truly appreciated.

  30. How to respond to Qe2?
    e5, e6, Nf2, Nxe6, Nc3, Nxc3, dxc3, Ne5, Qe2.

  31. Man nothing like watching this then pulling it off mid fight

  32. After the Stafford knight gambit is accepted, I know there are lines if white then plays d3, e5, Nc3, f3, and Bc4. But if white plays Bd3 is there a line? Thanks!

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