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  1. After queen takes pawn at b2, the night can come and its loosing for white

  2. These are the moves I used to use against my younger brother. Good times

  3. What if they don't take the pawn on e5??

  4. So many people are playing yhe Englund gambit

  5. My opponent.. move pawn to cover the other pawn.
    Me: 🗿🗿🗿

  6. Nd4 may destroy you ! England gambit is simply not good

  7. Levy:A nasty weapon against 1d4…
    My mind: The ROOOOOK

  8. Yes please everyone play englund so i can farm elo by move 5

  9. Bro this trick is becoming overplay now🤣 I clap atleast 4 noobs everyday who play englund

  10. I do not give a scheisse about that Pawn I Will just develop there are to many tricks and I don't give a quack

  11. Yeah but they never move the bishop to c3. They always move the knight. Then you got to retreat and it gets kinda awkward when their pieces are so well developed.
    I tried moving the bishop to b4 but after rb1, qa3, kd5…..it’s still awkward. I think I’m missing something. I stopped playing it because only below 1000 elo falls for this.

  12. Bro forgot to show that its +4 for white if he knows the refutation

  13. I need a weapon to crush this weapon

  14. You are supposed to play Nc3 instead of Bc3 because they cannot take the rook or knight in the Englund. It's a very risky gambit for both players if you do not know what the correct move is.

  15. This is tricky
    Other gambits requaier some grazy moves that there apponnents play but thisbis realy wel though out😊😊😊

  16. What if opponent knows how to play chess?

  17. To all my opponents watching this, I hope you have a nice day

  18. After the first move I lost my queen omg.

  19. Worst chess master on YouTube but the cuks just eat that bad advice like candy

  20. I really hope this is an old video, because If not, you’re kinda late to the party! So late in fact it finished about a year ago! 😂

  21. This is a garbage Gambit. Please don't play this in an OTB game vs anyone. It's just a waste of their time and you will lose.

  22. Naroditsky says this is a terrible gambit

  23. I’m literally a advanced beginner and I love your checkmate videos and it is very helpful when I play chess matches

  24. You can save your rook by simply putting the knight on c3

  25. As a white my first instinct will be to move knight by this white queen can defend rook and that bisop will protect the knight when I will move to c3

  26. The best way to defend there is to bring the knight instead of attacking the queen with the bishup

  27. What if knight protects king instead of bishop?

  28. I once beat a friend at my club in a Pirc (of all things) with that same kind of attack, starting from Qb5+ …Qd7 Qxb7 …Qc6 Qc8+ …Kf7 Ng5# The game went about 10 moves.

  29. Do GREAT chess player memorize a LOT of moves?

  30. all opponents do this every game when you know nobody do this

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